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Mar 18, 2014

News Update: March 18, 2014

MARCH 18, 2014

Kermit the Frog made a big-time appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. He sat in as Jimmy's second guest and then performed "Bein' Green" accompanied by The Roots and Jimmy Fallon. It was a delightful appearance and Kermit was a lot of fun in the interview. Enjoy the videos below!

Miss Piggy stopped by Toronto's CP24 Breakfast show thiorning on her big promotional tour through Canada. Unfortunately, the video cannot be embedded, but you  can watch the fantastic nine minute appearance on the CP24 Breakfast website.

Tina Fey was spotted in Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios theme park a few days ago. Obviously, she stopped by Muppet*Vision 3D. While she was there, she got to hang out with the Muppet*Vision version of Sweetums, and we got this stellar picture:
The Muppets overwhelmed QVC on Sunday, appearing on the network for almost nine hours straight. The appearances were fun and Muppety, but few and far between. However, we got to see Rizzo, Constantine, Bobo, Big Mean Carl, and Link Hogthrob (plus the frog, pig, bear, whatever, and prawn), so it's all worth it. Our friends at ToughPigs.com have collected all of the videos from the appearance in one massive post, and I highly suggest checking it out!

The Swedish Chef and Constantine appeared on ABC's The Chew this morning. The Swedish Chef helped cook some meatballs. Unfortunately, the videos are once again not able to be embedded, but the appearance is hysterical and felt like an old Swedish Chef sketch on The Muppet Show. You've got to check it out. Visit The Chew's website for the two videos.

Constantine is the subject of a great article from The New York Times which also features interviews from James Bobin and Matt Vogel. It's a really insightful article about the creation of the character and goes into detail about some of their difficulties in distinguishing Constantine from Kermit. Give it a read!

Entertainment Weekly has yet another clip from Muppets Most Wanted. In this clip, we see Kermit attempting to break out of the Russian gulag he's trapped in. Unfortunately for the frog, Nadya (Tina Fey), doesn't really like that idea. Watch below (or don't to remain spoiler free):

Muppet fans Ryan Dosier (hey, that's me!), Ryan Roe, and Joe Hennes (both from ToughPigs) were interviewed by The Wall Street Journal for an article profile on Muppet fandom. The article is incredibly well written and I'm so honored and thrilled to be quoted alongside my friends Ryan and Joe. Read the article over on The Wall Street Journal site.

Our amazing friends at ToughPigs.com have organized fan screenings of Muppets Most Wanted in major cities across the United States. If our base wasn't in the middle of nowhere, we would've jumped at the chance to host one of these. But look at all the cities covered: New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Portland, Washington, DC, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Chicago, and Phoenix! Incredible. For more information, check out ToughPigs.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

Feb 26, 2013

120 Awesome Muppet Songs, Part 3

Ryan Dosier - Our countdown of 120 Awesome Muppet Songs, presented in completely random order, continues today! Be sure to check out the first 30 songs on Part 1 and Part 2 before jumping in to the 15 we've got for you today. Remember, the song order was chosen by iTunes shuffling, which explains why there are three Fraggle Rock songs in a row (not that there's anything wrong with that). Tune up and get down!

31.   "Merry Christmas, Baby" from The Muppets: A Green and Red Christmas
Oh goodness I adore this little number. Bill Barretta and Pepe have never been in better voice than they are in this classic, rocking Christmas tune. Pepe is clearly in yuletide heaven as he sings with a backup chorus of girls. This song is so perfect and fitting for everyone's favorite King Prawn. It's a crying shame that Pepe doesn't get to sing more, because when he does, he absolutely kills it. Favorite lyrics: "Santa came down the chimney, half past three/With lots'a little presents for my babies and me!"

32.   "Fun is Here to Stay" from Fraggle Rock
Brace yourselves, we've got four songs from Fraggle Rock in Part 3. Blame the shuffling iTunes! Anyway, "Fun is Here to Stay" is both an exceptionally accurate title for the song and a magnificent motto for Fraggle Rock as a whole. Led by Boober's alter-ego Sidebottom as he manipulates Junior Gorg into thinking he's a Fraggle, the four other Fraggles join in as well. It's rollicking and joyful and uplifting and great. Favorite lyrics: "Fraggles come for fun from near and far/Fraggles know that fun is what they are!/No one could be dumb enough to say/Fun could come in any other way/Any Fraggle's brave enough to say--Fun is here to stay!"

33.   "Petals of the Rose" from Fraggle Rock
This song is so incredibly beautiful. With this song alone, Jerry Nelson shows unequivocally that he is the greatest singer the Muppets ever had. Gobo's heart-wrenching lyrics and the melodic ups and downs of his voice are just pure perfection. This is the song that made me cry the first time I listened to it after Jerry passed away last year. It's so fitting and it will break your heart every single time. I still tear up listening to it. I probably always will. Favorite lyrics: "Ain't it just the way it seems/We pull the petals off our dreams/Our hearts can say we're here to stay/But we always say goodbye/We always say goodbye..." 

34.   "Wemblin' Fool" from Fraggle Rock
(Please ignore the odd YouTube video.) Another one of Gobo's best songs also happens to be one of Wembley's best too. This is a personal favorite--maybe in my top ten Muppet songs--and it was one of Jim Henson's as well. Jerry Nelson and Steve Whitmire sang this song at Jim's public memorial. The song is bouncy and lively and fun as heck. Wembley's trademark grunts are fantastic, Gobo's scatting is great, and the entire song plays perfectly every time you listen to it. Favorite lyrics: "When we're wemblin' south/We stick our feet in our mouth/And we just wemble, wemble, wemble as we ride!"

35.   "Sing After Me" from Sesame Street
If there is a more hysterical Grover sketch out there, someone please let me know. My favorite blue monster's antics and banter with Madeline Kahn in this song are top notch. Frank Oz was truly at the apex of his powers here, even cracking up a seasoned pro like Kahn. But Madeline was no straight-woman, she gives it back to Grover just as much and just as hilariously. The lyrics are sort of nonsense, but the performance makes it a true classic. My favorite lyrics actually aren't lyrics, they're just a line spoken near the end by Grover, who says, "You've got to be putting me on!" after Madeline hits an amazing note.

36.   "It's Hard to Be Humble" from The Muppet Show
This may be the most random song choice in the entire list, but this song performed by Mac Davis and Link Hogthrob on The Muppet Show is another of my favorites. The duo sings about how difficult it is to remain humble when one is as handsome and perfect as they are. It's such a defining song for Link to sing and Jim handles it deftly. For the final chorus, a bunch of Muppets join in. It's fairly ironic for Lew Zealand to sing "I can't wait to look in the mirror, 'cause I get better lookin' each day," but I love it. Favorite lyrics: "To know me is to love me/I must be a hell of a man/Oh lord, it's hard to be humble/But we're doin' the best that we can."

37.   "Dance Myself to Sleep" from Sesame Street
One of the greatest Ernie and Bert songs ever. It defines their relationship perfectly. Bert is sound asleep, but Ernie fall asleep. What does he do? A soft-shoe tap dance around his bed while playing the bugle and enjoying the company of the Boogie Woogie Sheep. This wakes Bert up, and he is just completely baffled by the whole thing. Eventually he's taken out of the room by the sheep and left outside. It's funny, it's fun, and it allows Bert to ask the immortal question, "When did sheep get tap shoes?" Favorite lyrics: "Well I'm gettin' kinda drowsy so the moment has come/To grab my Rubber Duckie while the sheep take my chum/Time to shuffle off to dream-land, got a date to keep/I'll dance myself to sleep!"

38.   "New York State of Mind" from The Muppet Show
Right now I cannot come up with a Jerry Nelson/Floyd Pepper song that I enjoy more. I truly believe that this is far and away the best version of this song ever performed--and I adore this song. Floyd sings with such soul and such longing that it is incredibly difficult to match. I'll give a shout out to Rowlf's version from Old Brown Ears is Back, but Floyd is still king. Jerry owns this song completely when he performs it. Pure perfection. Favorite lyrics: "Come down to reality and it's fine with me 'cause I let it slide/Don't care if it's Chinatown or rounded riverside/I don't have any reasons, left them all behind/I'm in a New York state of mind."

39.   "Ode to Joy" from YouTube
The new-age Beaker classic that first brought attention back to the Muppets with their hugely popular viral videos. This 2008 piece of brilliance might be Beaker's best vocal work (but don't worry, "Feelings" is coming later on the list). His obvious dedication to performing properly is a really interesting aspect to Beaker's character. He longs to be a great singer but at the end of the day he's just a squeaky red head with awful luck... and we wouldn't have it any other way. Favorite lyrics: "Mee me mee me/Me mee me mee/Me me me me mee me me."

40.   "One Small Voice" from Sesame Street
One of the most beautiful and touching songs written for Sesame Street. It has been performed a handful of times over the years, but my favorite is from Elmopalooza sung by Kenny Loggins, joined in by the kids and, more importantly, Big Bird. The lyrics are indescribably great, singing the importance of both music itself and knowing you can do anything. The music video for the song (which you can see above) makes my spirit soar every time I watch it. I dare you not to feel totally moved when Big Bird says, "Alex, you did great!" and Alex replies, so honestly, "Thanks Big Bird, I had fun!" Favorite lyrics: "No tune is too simple/No voice can be wrong/Music can come from any heart/And anyone's voice can lead the song."

41.   "Imagination" from Sesame Street
Another classic Bert and Ernie song. This beautiful tune is all about finding comfort and happiness by retreating into your own imagination and I think that's a wonderful notion. What I think makes this song truly special is that it is Bert, not Ernie, who first sings of the power of an imagination. One would think Ernie would be in touch with his imagination already, but I love that it is Bert who puts him in touch with it by singing him this song. Also... "I like big balloons!" is a line that is delivered perfectly. Favorite lyrics: "Here in the middle of imagination/Right in the middle of my mind/I close my eyes and the night isn't dark/And the things that I lose, I find."

42.   "Together Again" from The Muppets Take Manhattan
I wish that I could whistle well, if only so I could whistle the opening to this lovely tune. It's fun and pretty free-wheeling. I love the colorful vests the Muppets wear in the movie when they sing this. But mostly, this song works as a perfect reminder of the fact that the Muppets will always get back together. This is easily proven by my favorite lyrics: "I just can't imagine that you've ever been gone/It's not starting over, it's just going on./Together again, now we're here and there's no need remembering when."

43.   "Convincing John" from Fraggle Rock
It's strange to think that Convincing John was only on Fraggle Rock three times. The amount of energy and fun that Jim Henson poured into the character makes it seem like he was there constantly. John was never better than when he sang his titular song. It's fast, it's lively, it's erratic, and it's just plain awesome. Jim performed this song incredibly well and I can't imagine what a strain it must've put on his voice to sing it. And what would the song be without the Fragglettes providing back-up? I absolutely love it. Favorite lyrics: "C'mon listen to me Fraggles/With your Fraggle mouths a'waggle/You can chew a Doozer tower till you're blue/But there's a mighty day a'comin'/When the food'll hit your tummy/And you'll know that what I'm tellin' you is true!"

44.   "What's the Name of That Song?" from Sesame Street
How am I supposed to talk about this song? It just says "What's the Name of That Song?" If we don't even know the name of that song, how am I supposed to know which song to talk about?! It's confusion like this that makes this song so delightfully wicked and incredibly fun. In fact, the entire 35th anniversary DVD special What's the Name of That Song? is based around this confusion. My favorite version of this Sesame classic is probably from Bert & Ernie Sing-Along with the whole cast, but I also love the more recent version that Bert and Ernie sing. Favorite lyrics: "I've heard it said with words and music, a fella can't go wrong/So la de da de dum, la de da de dum... What's the name of that song?"

45.   "Just a Dream Away" from Fraggle Rock 
This is one of the few songs on this list that is sung by a one-shot character. In this case, it's the Mudbunny, who appears to Wembley in an episode of Fraggle Rock. Performed by Richard Hunt, this creature had a very interesting life cycle that played out in the episode. Before all that, however, the Mudbunny sings this gorgeous, much too short song. Richard Hunt's voice has never sounded better than it does here. He sings with such mystery and even some omnipotence. It's gorgeous. Favorite lyrics: "Once I wasn't here and then I suddenly appeared/And now I seem to be at home in earth and air/Just like water flowing, I know where I'm going/Look beneath your boots and I'll be there."

Well that's it for today, Muppet fans! Check back next week, same time, same place, for 15 more tunes on our countdown of 120 Awesome Muppet Songs!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

May 13, 2012

(Kind of) Weekly Muppet Quotes Spotlight: Link Hogthrob

Casey Daron - Hi guys!  Happy Mother’s Day! On my way to find the Golden Pelican, I met up with a tribal pig by the name of Spa'am. He led me on an epic quest, only to find a heap of quotes from Link Hogthrob. As you can guess, I will be spotlighting the ham of hams, Link Hogthrob! Oh, and by the way, who’s your tailor? I LOVE your outfit!
“We will be given the meaning and purpose of life?!”
“I just love presents!”
~ First Mate Piggy and Captain Link Hogthrob, The Muppet Show Episode 501
“Who’s your tailor? I love that outfit!”
~ Captain Link Hogthrob, The Muppet Show Episode 417

“How come it always plays dumb music when I talk?”
~ Captain Link Hogthrob, The Muppet Show Episode 407
“We must see if there is life on Planet Koozebane!”
“What? You-you mean, little green monsters?!”
~ First Mate Piggy and Captain Link Hogthrob, The Muppet Show Episode 319
“Macho, Macho MAAAAAN!”-Link Hogthrob, The Muppet Show Episode 405

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

Jan 16, 2012

Muppetology 101: Recasting of Muppet Show Characters Pt. 1

Ryan Dosier - Good afternoon class, and welcome to the first lecture for Muppetology 101. If you're looking for Applications of Reinforced Concrete, it's down the hall. I know it's the start of a new semester, but we're going to jump right into things today with a lecture on a topic some of you may not be fully familiarized with: the recasts of Muppet characters performed by deceased or retired Muppeteers on The Muppet Show. Recently, numerous characters have been taken over by some talented individuals, so we'll discuss these recasts and show clips comparing the voices and performances. Take notes. There will be a quiz. (Probably. There will at least be some soda.)

Today's lecture spotlights the characters performed by Muppet creator Jim Henson. If you don't know who that is or what he did... you probably shouldn't be in this class.
    • Originally performed by JIM HENSON (1955-1990)
    • Currently performed by STEVE WHITMIRE (1990-present)
  • The first and most important recast to be made in the Muppet universe came with the untimely passing of Jim Henson, when Steve Whitmire took over the role of the world's most famous amphibian: Kermit the Frog. The transition was not an easy one for Steve, but after over 20 years, Kermit has not only been respectfully similar under (or over) Steve, but he has developed and grown as a character as well. It certainly helps that Kermit is by far the most popular and recognizable character in the Muppet stable, meaning that Steve had numerous appearances and opportunities to become the frog and hone him.
    • Jim Henson built and perfected Kermit the Frog for Sam and Friends in 1955 and performed him for 35 years. Jim's final performance as Kermit was during an interview on The Arsenio Hall Show in 1990.
    • Steve Whitmire has performed Kermit the Frog since The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson in 1990 and has performed him almost exclusively (besides a few minor hiccups which we will discuss another time) since then, including The Muppets film in 2011.
    • Originally performed by JIM HENSON (1962-1990)
    • Currently performed by BILL BARRETTA (1996-present)
  • One of the more difficult Muppets to recast after Jim Henson's death was Rowlf the Dog. Rowlf was very much a part of Jim Henson. His musical sense was displayed through Rowlf and his zen-like quality was possessed by Rowlf as well. It was so hard for Rowlf to find another performer that it took six years for Rowlf to find a voice again when Bill Barretta took on the dog. Bill didn't have a chance to hone his characterization of Rowlf until much later, when he performed Rowlf for a full segment on From the Balcony and a YouTube video called "The Skateboarding Dog Gets Served."
    • Bill Barretta first performed Rowlf in Episode 102 of Muppets Tonight in 1996 during Garth Brooks "We Shall Be Free" number. He continues to perform Rowlf currently, giving him his largest role in years in The Muppets in 2011.
    • Originally performed by JIM HENSON (1975-1990)
    • Currently performed by BILL BARRETTA (2005-present)
  • Dr. Teeth, the band leader and keyboardist for the Electric Mayhem,  proved another challenge to recast permanently, which helps to explain the silent and background roles of the Electric Mayhem in the 1990s and early 2000s. Why it took so long to recast the good doctor, I do not know, because once Bill Barretta took on the role in 2005, his gravelly and excited tones returned in full. By 2006, Dr. Teeth was singing full tracks on A Green and Red Christmas album.
    • Jim Henson's first performance as Dr. Teeth was also the character's first appearance in The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence in 1975. He performed him exclusively up until The Muppets at Walt Disney World in 1990, when the good doctor led the Electric Mayhem in the song "Rock and Rollin' Around the World."
    • Bill Barretta's first performance as Dr. Teeth was in 2005 with the TV movie The Muppets' Wizard of Oz for the song "Naptime." He continues to perform him now, giving the band leader a few prominent lines in The Muppets in 2011.
    • Originally performed by JIM HENSON (1975-1990)
    • Currently performed by BILL BARRETTA (1996-present)
  • The Swedish Chef didn't find a new permanent performer until Muppet Treasure Island when Bill Barretta joined the Muppet team. He was performed for the first time after Jim Henson's death by David Rudman in The Muppet Christmas Carol, but David just couldn't capture the Chef's voice. Thankfully, Bill Barretta brings a near-perfect performance to the unintelligible Chef, and has ever since 1996, with hits such as the viral YouTube videos "Popcorn," "Habanera," and "Ringing of the Bells."
    • Jim Henson first performed The Swedish Chef in The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence in 1975. His final performance as The Swedish Chef was in 1990 when the Chef sold Bunsen and Beaker tacos in The Muppets at Walt Disney World.
    • Bill Barretta first performed The Swedish Chef in Muppet Treasure Island in 1996 where he dressed as a tribal pig and skewered vegetables. Bill has performed the Chef ever since, including his role in The Muppets in 2011.
    • Originally performed by JIM HENSON (1975-1990)
    • Currently performed by DAVE GOELZ (1992-present)
  • One of the easier recasts to make was for Waldorf, half of the team of Statler and Waldorf, the two Muppet Show hecklers. Perhaps it was because these two grumpy old men are so popular, or perhaps it's because they had such a large role in The Muppet Christmas Carol, but Waldorf went to Dave Goelz less than two years after Jim Henson's death. Dave has continued to perform Waldorf, alongside both Jerry Nelson and Steve Whitmire's Statler, ever since.
    • Jim Henson first performed Waldorf in 1975 in the TV pilot The Muppet Show: Sex and Viloence. His final performance was with Richard Hunt as Statler in The Muppets at Walt Disney World in 1990 when Statler and Waldorf sang "Who's Your Lady Friend?".
    • Dave Goelz first performed Waldorf in 1992 in The Muppet Christmas Carol. Dave has performed Waldorf ever since, for 20 years now, in countless appearances and projects, including The Muppets in 2011.
    • Originally performed by JIM HENSON (1977-1990)
    • Currently performed by STEVE WHITMIRE (2003-2011)
  • Best known as the captain of the S.S. Swinetrek in the "Pigs in Space" sketches on The Muppet Show, Link Hogthrob's deep, goofy, voice proved hard to duplicate (or perhaps unnecessary), and Link remained silent throughout the 1990s. In 2003, Steve Whitmire performed Link's voice in a video game. It wasn't until The Muppets in 2011 that Link Hogthrob both spoke and performed for the first time in over 20 years. Link performed as part of the Muppet Barbershop Quartet, giving him not only his biggest role in two decades, but his biggest role in any Muppet feature film.
    • Jim Henson first performed Link Hogthrob in The Muppet Show Episode 203 in the first ever "Pigs in Space" sketch. His final performance with the pompous pig was once again in 1990 in The Muppets at Walt Disney World, where Link "helps" Charles Grodin's security guard character find the Muppets.
    • Steve Whitmire first performed Link Hogthrob's voice in 2003 for the Muppet Party Cruise video game. The most recent, and only second time, Steve performed Link was in 2011 in The Muppets.
    • Originally performed by JIM HENSON (1976-1989)
    • Currently performed by STEVE WHITMIRE (2008-present)
  • One of Jim Henson's goofier characters was the Newsman who hosted the Muppet Newsflash segments on The Muppet Show. Perhaps it was because no one else wanted to be blown up, crushed, and turned into things, but the Newsman did not return until 2001, when Brian Henson performed him for The Muppet Show LIVE at the MuppetFest fan convention. That would prove to be the Newsman's only appearance, however, until 2008 when Steve Whitmire performed him in a few hilarious sketches on Muppets.com. The Newsman has not appeared too often since then, but Steve Whitmire has performed him in every instance since when he has appeared.
    • Jim Henson first performed the Newsman in the first season of The Muppet Show in 1976. His final performance was in The Jim Henson Hour Episode 105, when The Newsman provided translations for the unhip while Bobby McFerrin read the musical news.
    • Steve Whitmire first performed the Newsman in 2008 in a Muppets.com video. He continues to perform the Newsman whenever he appears, including a few brief lines in The Muppets in 2011.
Well class, that's it for lecture this week. Join us next week when we discuss Frank Oz and the recasts of his characters from The Muppet Show (hint: they're all performed by Eric Jacobson). Remember... attendance counts for half your grade! So we had better see you there. Class dismissed!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

        Jun 9, 2011

        Finding Your Inner Hogthrob

        Justin H. Piatt - Have you ever taken that extra minute in front of the mirror to primp? Have you ever taken that extra minute in front of the mirror and forgotten why you were taking that extra minute in front of the mirror? If so, then you’ve taken your first step towards...

        Finding You Inner Hogthrob

        Developing character flaws is a process which takes much time and energy. And so, to aid us in our endeavors to do so, we will examine the case of one particularly flawed individual: Link Hogthrob. (“…Me?”) Yes, you.

        Link, or Linkerdoodles as his mommy would refer to him, started life as most do… as a baby. A pig baby. A pig baby with a very thick skull. Mommy Hoghthrob was very proud. When questioned about her son’s childhood, Link’s mommy responded with a hearty “Oy!” We waited for the “nk,” but it was not forthcoming.

        Finding your inner Hogthrob will take effort. I should know, I’ve been playing hide-and-seek with mine for weeks, and the darn thing keeps moving around. But, I promise you, finding your inner Hogthrob is well worth it.

        ~ Understanding Link ~
        Understanding Link Hogthrob is a process which requires those interested in doing so to first understand themselves. You may ask, “But why?” to which I would respond, “Because,” and you would react confused, but would ultimately accept the answer. This is the first step to understanding Link Hogthrob. Other steps are unnecessary, and at this point would further confuse the subject.

        Now that we understand Link, let’s take a look at who he is...

        ~ Who is Link? ~
        Before you say that this is the same as understanding Link, may I point out that it is not stated the same, and is therefore different.

        - Link, the Dummy -
        In the unreleased documentary, “A Link in the Head is Worth Two in the What,” Dr. Julius Strangepork introduced a segment on the mysterious nature of Hogthrob with the following: “What issh Link really? Of all the dummiessh the vorld hash known, the mosht intreegink of dummiessh ish Link himshelf. Ish thish a clever ploy to dishguishe shome dark shecret? Ishh Hogthob truly a dummy? Or ish he a criminal mashtermind of epic proporshinsh? An evil genioush, perhapsh? Or maybe a shuper shecret shpy of shome short!” Unfortunately, by the film’s end, it was concluded that Link is actually nothing more than a dummy, and thus the reason it remains unreleased.

        Capturing this aspect of Link’s personality will prove vital. I will ask you to attempt the following to aid you in your quest to Hogthrobiness:

        1.    Close your eyes. (If frightened of dark places, try to do this while keeping the eyelids open.)
        2.    Think very hard. (If near a mental state of Link, this may hurt.)
        3.    Clear head of all thought.
        4.    … Uhhhh… I forget this step.

        Easy? Fun? Confusing? You bet! You are now nearing perfect Hogthrobitude.

        - Link, the Conceited -
        The interests of Link include Link. Therefore, what is of concern to Link extends to such necessary items to the perfection of Link as cologne, exercise equipment, toupees and girdles.

        To find your inner Hogthrob in this important area, we will recommend perhaps joining a gym or some sort of scent of the month club. I would also suggest investing in some plastic surgery that will provide you with your very own cleft chin. This is good advice for anyone wishing to better themselves, as a cleft chin is an indication of awesome.

        - Link: God of Love? -
        Link Hogthrob has always been the romantic, leading man-type. From his widely reported-on encounters with groupies during the making of The Muppet Show (even stealing a few of Sylvester Stallone’s), to his on-again, off-again, on-screen, off-screen romance with the lovely and talented Miss Piggy. Die-hard fans will even recall his failed courtship with… uh, Fozzie Bear in a wig.

        We asked a fellow by the name of Kermit the Frog, one of Link’s rivals in love, about his opinion of the great love aficionado that is Link Hogthrob: “Well, uh, I… He’s certainly, uh… I don’t really… ‘Rival in love?’” The frog was obviously left speechless by the Throb that is Hog.

        Unfortunately, God of Love is not really something anyone can develop. One is born with this great quality, and, let’s face it, you will never be the great lover that Link Hogthrob is, no matter how hard you try… And I do recommend that you try. Go ahead. Try it. It’s what Link would do!

        So in conclusion, what do we know about Link Hogthrob? What do we know about ourselves? If you can answer either of these questions, then you have failed to find your inner Hogthrob. However, if you are currently staring at your computer screen with a blank look on your face and asking yourself, “What did I just read?” then congratulations! You are reaching a higher plane of Hogthrob. Fully discovering your inner Hogthrob is close at hand. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my inner Hogthrob is running off again, and I have to go catch it.

        The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

        Jul 14, 2010

        Weekly Muppet Wednesdays: Link Hogthrob

        Written by Ryan Dosier.


        Performed by...
        Jim Henson (1977-1990)
        Steve Whitmire (2003-present)

        First appearance...
        The Muppet Show Episode 203: Milton Berle (1977)

        Most recent appearance...
        Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

        Best known role...
        Captain of the S.S. Swinetrek in "Pigs in Space"

        Memorable quote...
        "Who's your tailor? I love that outfit!"

        Link Hogthrob is the bumbling, none too bright, macho, chauvinist "pig" of the Muppets. His biggest role in the cast is that of Captain Link Hogthrob in the "Pigs in Space" sketches on The Muppet Show. Here, along with Dr. Julius Strangepork and First Mate Miss Piggy, he embarks on intergalactic adventures that usually go wrong because of his bumbling idiocy.

        Sometimes on The Muppet Show Link also got to interact with guest stars. Peter Sellers gave Link an extremely rough massage, turning him into a porky pretzel; John Cleese invaded the Swinetrek, and Lesley Ann Warren discoed up a storm with Link caught in the storm surge.

        Link has also been known to perform a musical number or two on occasion. His solo numbers include "I Talk to the Trees," in which he is interrupted by said talking trees, and "Sonny Boy," which he sang to a live piglet, and . He lilted "Sea Chantey" with Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, and Robin, "The Rhyming Song" with Fozzie, Scooter, and Annie Sue, "Macho Man" with Gonzo, and sang "La Ci Darem La Mano," "I Get Around," and "True Love" with Miss Piggy. His songs with guest stars include  "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" with Christopher Reeve and "Hard to be Humble" with Mac Davis.

        Since he is one of the most unintelligent Muppets, Link was used on many occasions as a dumb character to foil the smarter ones such as Dr. Strangepork and Miss Piggy. Link was even brought back in The Jim Henson Hour as a main character in the Muppet Central segments of the show. Here he was once again used as the dumb character, in one episode even believing he has some ridiculous disease called Canadian Snout Fever.

        In the Muppet movies, Link was relegated to cameo appearances. He appeared in the large crowd scenes of The Muppet Movie and The Muppets Take Manhattan and made brief cameos in The Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island. Since Jim Henson's death, Link was largely retired aside from these brief cameos. He also made vocal appearances in the Muppet video games "Muppet Race Mania" and "Muppets Party Cruise," voiced by Steve Whitmire in both.

        Link Hogthrob finally returned to a speaking role in The Muppets (2011), his first speaking role in any Muppet feature film. He performed alongside Rowlf the Dog, Beaker, and Sam Eagle as the fourth member of The Muppet Barbershop Quartet, when they performed "Smells Like Teen Spirit" during The Muppet Telethon in the film. Hopefully Link will continue to get speaking roles in Muppet projects.

        Since his "Pigs in Space" role was his most well-known, Link had many memorable moments in the sketches on the S.S. Swinetrek. These include...
        • Sets off the "stuck pig" alarm (Episode 203)
        • Refuses to let First Mate Miss Piggy make the mid-course correction, which she has studied for years (Episode 205)
        • Asks First Mate Miss Piggy to do the laundry (Episode 207)
        • Negotiates with space pirate Long John Silverstein (John Cleese) (Episode 223) 
        • Turned into an outline of himself (Episode 307)
        • Affected by the "Dummo Rays" (Episode 315)
        • Asks Luke Skywalker who his tailor is (he loves that outfit) (Episode 417)

        I'm under the firm opinion that Link Hogthrob needs to be brought back to the Muppets gang once again. He was such an integral, hilarious part of the group in The Muppet Show days and it's a crying shame that he hasn't returned in a speaking role since then. Steve Whitmire's voice for Link is perfect and now that Matt Vogel is trying out Dr. Strangepork (according to Bill Barretta), I'd say it's high time we see a new Pigs in Space sketch--perhaps make that the next YouTube video?

        But the Muppets need Link because he is such an excellent foil for the other Muppets. Every strong group needs a dumb character to play off of, and that should be Link. Fozzie has fit that role for awhile now and that isn't him. Sticking Link Hogthrob in there in place of poor Fozzie would make more sense and probably be more funny--at least more correct, character wise. Besides, Pigs in Space is one of the favorite and most memorable Muppet Show sketches that even non-obsessed fans have fond memories of. Why not bring it back again?

        Link has been missing for far too long from the Muppet mix. Let's bring him back!

        The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com