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Jan 18, 2011

Huge News from the Set of The Muppets

Muppet fans... there is SO much Muppet news I don't even know where to start! Pictures and information and interviews from the set of The Muppets is gushing out like the Mississippi in flood season! (Trust me on this.) I guess we'll just start with the latest celebrity cameo....

Kathy Griffin! Yes, Animal's booty call from Muppets From Space is stepping out of her life on the D-List and onto the set of The Muppets. Griffin revealed on her Twitter account that she would be appearing in the movie alongside Ricky Gervais and Animal. Later, she posted pictures of herself on set working with Billy Crystal, David Rudman, Scooter (in a tux), and Ricky Gervais. Also in the background of one picture you can clearly make out The Muppet Newsman and partially make out Gonzo right next to him. SlashFilm.com reported that Griffin's cameo was a last-minute replacement for Jean Claude Van Damme... you know, because Kathy Griffin and Jean Claude Van Damme are basically the same person.
Next up we have an awesome article from The LA Times who apparently visited the set of The Muppets and got to interview Kermit. In the interview Kermit talks about Jason Segel, Walter, and acting. The article also mentions that backstage at the Muppet Theater is present in the movie and Kermit reprises "Rainbow Connection" at some point. The amount of awesome in this article is ten fold!

The New York Post just conducted an interview with Chris Cooper, who plays the villain in The Muppets. He doesn't talk Muppets very much but he mentions that he gets a hip-hop musical number with a chorus line of Vegas showgirls. Yes... you read that right.

And the biggest news of all... The Muppets closed down Hollywood Boulevard! Trust me when I say that's a huge deal. Hollywood Boulevard is almost never closed down unless a big-budget movie is filming or a movie premiere is happening. The Muppets was filming directly in front of the Disney-owned El Capitan Theater (a gorgeous location) which will presumably be digitally made to look like the Muppet Theater based on the signage on the marquee out front that promotes The Muppet Telethon for one night only at The Muppet Theater.

SlashFilm.com has pictures of an enormous dance number/crowd scene that took place right outside the El Capitan last night. This includes pictures of quite a few Muppets including Sweetums and Thog. Yes, THOG. Can you believe it?! When's the last time we saw Thog? The Muppet Show? Wow. BleedingCool.com also has pictures and two shaky (but still pretty good) videos of the filming and Celebrity-Gossip.net has pictures of Jason Segel and Amy Adams dancing, presumably for this big production number. Various sites are reporting that Kermit and Piggy were also on hand (pun intended) for this number as well.

Well... my excitement level is through the roof, where's yours?

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier


  1. Ry, Kermit and Piggy are right there in one of the pictures... and yes, on hand! ;)

    Beside Thog, Sweetums and Behemoth I can also spot the Swedish Chef, Sam Eagle, Janice, Link, Strangepork, Lew Zealand, and some Chickens for certain... and what looks like it might be Uncle Deadly, Bunsen, Floyd, Animal, the Newsman... and posssssibly Bobby Benson or Pops, Afghan Hound, Lyle (Dog), Jim and Jerry.

    How odd would it be if they really rebuilt those obscure ones, but it kinda, sorta looks like it to me. Hmmm...

  2. They're certainly putting PuppetHeap to work on this movie.

  3. I'm so thrilled for this movie and crossing fingers that it has the heart and success of the first three films.

    I heard several rumors that the storyline will 'somewhat' echo the classic Rodgers & Hart "Babes in Arms", as well as Sondheim's haunting memory piece, "Follies". I especially hope THAT is true! Muppetized versions of "In Buddy's Eyes" and "Losing my Mind"? Yes, yes, and yes I say!

    And here's to getting back to the true vaudeville heart of the Muppets in its Season One television debut.

  4. OMFG YES!!! Please Gods and Jason Segel...find whomever you can to help. Hell, call Sondheim! Strong references to "Follies" and the whole idea of ghosts of our glory days and how we got to our current state of discontent and ennui is brilliant!


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