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Oct 12, 2011

Weekly Muppet Monster Wednesdays: Thog

Ed Castle - Ah, I see that you have returned for another Weekly Muppet Monster Wednesday profile. Brave souls you must be to venture this way. Well, come on, let's see who's taken the spotlight in the ghastly gallery this week.


Performed by...
Jerry Nelson

First appearance...
The Great Santa Claus Switch (1970)

Most recent appearance...
The Muppets (2011)

Best known role...
Dancing with various guest stars, being one of five monsters to open The Muppet Show during the theme song.

Thog is a massive, blue, full-bodied Muppet monster. His nine-and-a-half foot height certainly gives him the edge among the tallest of Muppet creatures. Thog is easily spotted in a crowd thanks to his distinct blue fur, as well as the single horn sprouting out from his head and his hippo-like snout. Thog's appearance hasn't changed much since his first appearance in 1970 alongside his partner Thig (seen at right). While Thog went on to be a beloved tertiary character on The Muppet Show, Thig was never seen again.

Perhaps Thog's finest moment was when he got to dance with Mia Farrow during the song "Real Live Girl" in The Muppet Valentine Show. But that wouldn't be his only appearance with a pretty lady costar, he got his chance to boogie with Julie Andrews in one of her variety specials to the tune of "Oh Babe, What Would You Say," a number later recreated for The Muppet Show with Kaye Ballard taking Thog off his feet. Thog also appeared with most of the other Muppet mosnters alongside Burnadette Peters in "Take A Little One Step." Thog finally got to unleash his monstrous side by demolishing a research facility while Loretta Switt crooned "I Feel The Earth Move."

Although Thog appeared in the group shot at the end of The Muppet Movie, he was never seen outside of The Muppet Show again until 2011, with Disney's The Muppets movie. In the film, Thog is seen with a group of Muppets pleading with Rashida Jones's TV studio executive for another chance at stardom, and introducing the theme song for The Muppet Telethon during a reprise of "The Muppet Show Theme Song."

Well, they need a recognizable giant who's always true blue. Thog is a beautifully designed monster and his expressive eyes and movable ears make him unique within the monster group. With his full-body form, he's the perfect dance partner in production numbers on The Muppet Show. That being said, one has to wonder if he is going to get the chance to dance with Amy Adams during the big show-stopping and city-halting musical number?

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, ryguy102390@gmail.com


  1. You forgot his other notable role - starring alongside Harvey Korman in the Circus sketch, one of my personal faves =)

    But otherwise, a very nice outline of the loveable lug. Although one can't also feel a little but sorry for the lesser-spotted Thig either...

  2. You also forgot ... well ... ME.
    Tyler Bunch performed Thog for the latest Muppet film.


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