1 The Muppet Mindset: Muppet Halloween Costume Spooktacular 2012, Pt. 3

Oct 16, 2012

Muppet Halloween Costume Spooktacular 2012, Pt. 3

Ryan Dosier - Another October Tuesday means another part of the Muppet Halloween Costuem Spooktacular, 2012! Check out Part 1 and Part 2 from earlier this month before kicking back to enjoy some snarky observations on this year's crop of Sesame Street children's costumes!

LIKENESS - Honestly, this is a surprisingly accurate likeness of everyone's favorite furry, blue supermonster. The 2.0 armor is especially fitting here and really makes the costume extra awesome. Love the cape, the shoulder things, and especially the helmet. The Grover face is top notch and perfectly detailed and accurate. 4 STARS
FUN FACTOR - How can a kid not have a spectacular time wearing this and pretending to be Super Grover 2.0? If I had this when I was I kid, I never would've taken it off! 5 STARS
SCARE FACTOR - Nothing about this costume is inherently scary at all. However, if the kid in the costume is going for maximum Super Grover 2.0 likeness and tries to help people in need... and also in true Super Grover 2.0 form fails that task miserably... then it could get a little scary. 1 STAR

LIKENESS - It's Super Grover-Girl! Just like Supergirl or Batgirl, only more Grovery! This costume is fairly... not great. Honeslty, it looks like this poor girl just threw on a blue bath towel and a red pillowcase. And who is the Grover mask on top working for? It looks like something is trying to escape from her skull! 2 STARS
FUN FACTOR - Even though the likeness isn't there, the fun factor still is. Everyone wants to be a superhero, and you can't do much better than Super Grover. (I look forward to your letters, comic book readers.) Plus, if it rains, she's already got a towel to stay dry! 4 STARS
SCARE FACTOR - Again, not much scary to speak of here. Although the socks are a little much. Unless they're replicating Super Grover 2.0's trademark utility sock, in which case... kudos to you, random Halloween costume maker. 1 STAR

LIKENESS - Well, that's Cookie Monster alright. But it looks like once again he has satiated his appetite by eating another two year old--and he's trying to break free!! Quick, someone get the jaws of life--wait... no... that's poor phrasing. 4 STARS
FUN FACTOR - This costume is fun AND functional! Firstly, it's fun because your baby will eat all the cookies in your house, and what's more fun than a hyper baby? It's functional because it doubles as a blanket in the chilly October air! 4 STARS
SCARE FACTOR - Again, not very scary here... only if Cookie Monster did eat your baby would this be scary. 2 STARS

LIKENESS - Oh, great, now Elmo's eating children! What is this world coming to?! Ah well... at least the baby looks happy while he's being consumed. 4 STARS
FUN FACTOR - I imagine this would be the most fun version of Tickle Me Elmo ever. 5 STARS
SCARE FACTOR - Not scary... but your two year old could get mistaken for a red shag rug, so be careful. 1 STAR


LIKENESS - I'll let some of the likeness slide here because I appreciate that they're trying to make a Cookie Monster costume appeal to girls... but still. The little Cookie Monster hat thing is the only thing on this outfit that looks like Cookie Monster. Though the cookies on the skirt are a nice touch. 2 STARS
FUN FACTOR - Fun, maybe, but what this costume is really saying to me is COLD. Can you imagine walking around on the night of October 31st wearing this thing? Freezing. 2 STARS
SCARE FACTOR - Not scary, just adorable... which seems to be the theme of all of these Sesame costumes. 1 STAR


LIKENESS - Last week I dubbed this costume "Mitt Romney's granddaughter loses her inheritance." But really, I like this little get up. The colors are really impressively chosen. It doesn't look anything like Big Bird at all... but it's well done. 2 STARS
FUN FACTOR - The girl in the picture sure looks like she's having fun! Do you think she has an imaginary Snuffleupagus friend? 4 STARS
SCARE FACTOR - Nothing scary here... just don't let her near Mitt Romney. (That's what we call a two-week-old zinger.) 1 STAR


LIKENESS - Again, not much Elmo going on here, but the headpiece is well done. I also really like the inclusion of Dorothy the goldfish on the skirt. But... not an Elmo look-alike. 2 STARS
FUN FACTOR - How could anyone possibly think that a little girl wouldn't have fun dressing up as Elmo for Halloween? This costume is pure fun! 5 STARS
SCARE FACTOR - Nothing scary to see here... again. Ugh. These cutesy costumes are ruining my snarky mojo. 1 STAR

Well, that's it for today's round up of Halloween costumes! Check back again next week for the adult themed, semi-terrifying Sesame Street costumes... including this!

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  1. Awwww so cute until I got to the adult grover sneak peak for next week oh I rhymed! Cool! But the gigantic grover freaked me out! I dropped my phone! I wish I had a baby to dress up as an elmo consumer but I'm still too young anyway I loved them their just so adorable loves it! Hugs and giggles~maria

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