1 The Muppet Mindset: The Great Muppet Survey Answers: Part 2

Sep 26, 2009

The Great Muppet Survey Answers: Part 2

Welcome to day two of YOUR answers to The Great Muppet Survey! Enjoy!

9.)     If you had front-row tickets to the Muppet concert of your dreams, which Muppet or group of Muppets would you hope were playing? Could Marvin Suggs get away with holding a Muppaphone concert now that PETA has gained prominence?
  • The Electric Mayhem! Including Lips. Marvin Suggs could get away with a Muppaphone concert...but he’d have to round all the PETA members in the audience up and blind fold them discreetly before his number. ~ Anonymous
  • Electric Mayhem! And if Stefani Germanotta can get away with wearing stuffed Kermits, I don't see why Marvin Suggs can't be permitted to have a Muppaphone concert. ~ Prairie Chica
  • Hmm, I don’t know if Marvin could get away with that, PETA might not approve of what they would consider “violence”.  For me, my Muppet dream concert I think would be the Fraggles in concert.  The music in Fraggle rock is so inspiring, and the five of them have such beautiful harmony together.  I like rock and roll just fine, but if I was going to see a live concert, I’d appreciate something more acoustic and laid back feeling, so the Fraggles would be ideal! ~ Beth Kondrick
  • I would love to see Scred duet with Lily Tomlin again.  That is one Muppet we never saw enough of.  Scred needs to make a comeback! A reunion duet could be a YouTube hit. ~ Sarah Bastin
  • It would have to be a full variety show of all of them (Like MuppetFest only longer!). Sure he could. PETA doesn't care about hurting vegetables, children or fat people (re. their current billboard controversy). As long as he's not hitting a dolphin he's fine. ~ Heather Powers
  • Small, cozy, wooden-floored room, with comfy sofa-seats, sipping ginger-ale and cream, watching a solitary act play hit after hit on the tinkling ivories...of an out of tune piano...I would want to see Ol’ Brown Ears: In Concert. Rowlf would play his songs, tell pithy jokes and witty stories of life, love, and Lassie. ~ Beauregard

    10.)      If a judge ruled that Grover had to be your personal assistant for a month, what jobs would you have him do?
  • I would have Grover give me autographs from EVERYONE on Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, etc. I would also have him get me a copy of every Muppet movie/special/show ever filmed. Then I would just want him to stay at my house and chill with me. That’d be cool. I wouldn’t make him do anything crazy. ~ Nick Tredo
  • I would ask Grover to be my moving and grooving monster, and teach me to lose weight while watching clips and singing “Wubba wubba”. Then I would ask him to teach me all about the monster in my mirror. ~ Jarrod Fairclough
  • I’d need help with organization and motivation.  I’d like him to arrange my home or office to maximize efficiency and then I’d need pep talks to do stuff when I’m feeling bad.  He’s very good at that kind of thing. ~ Kelly Masters
  • Wash my car, mow the lawn, sing a song, carve a pumpkin, do the dishes, edit the show, polish the drapes, and live-blog from a Bavarian scream-singing competition.  Also invent Bavarian scream-singing. ~ Steve Swanson (host of The MuppetCast)
  • Something even HE can’t mess up. ~ Oscarfan
  • I think I would have him carry things Up and Down for awhile. Then perhaps there would be some things that could be carried Near and Far. ~ Steve Wolterstorff

    11.)     If you have cares, do you dance them away, saving your worries for another day? Or do you simply work said cares away, saving dancing for another day?
  • I tend to work my work away until all that's left for me to care about is dancing. ~ MrsPepper
  • Neither, I just let the Music play! ~ Chris O'Connor
  • I say get everything done in one day… more dancing for tomorrow. ~ John Papovitch
  • I alternate. ~ Sarah Labadini
  • I don’t dance, or work. Now I don’t know what to do! ~ Oscarfan
  • That depends on if I’ve had my daily recommended intake of Doozer sticks. ~ Jarrod Fairclough
  • Honestly? I do neither. I tend to follow Wembley’s style and wemble my worries away, leaving decisions till another day. I also follow a “Right where you belong” method of belief where I am sure that I am always in the right place at the right time and that whatever happens, happens. Similar to Cantus’s message for Mokey when she’s worried about not hearing her “Ping”...’But what happens if I don’t hear anything?’ ‘Nothing.’ I’ve taken those words to heart many times, when fearing for my life’s decisions... A little Cantus appears on my shoulder, “Nothing.”...And I breathe out, and get on with it. ~ Beauregard
12.)     It's Prairie Dawn vs. Scooter in a battle of organizational wit--which side do you choose? Note: Neither side offers dental.
  • I’m on Prairie Dawn’s side! She would win NO DOUBT! Scooter doesn’t stand a chance! ~ Nick Tredo
  • That’s hard.  Prairie Dawn probably has less contacts and experience, but she didn’t come across as a suck-up like Scooter did in the first season especially.  Then there’s that whole child labor law thing.  I’d probably intern Prairie but hire Scooter as a full-time employee. ~ Kelly Masters
  • Scooter.  He wouldn't be as effective as Prairie Dawn, but he's less of a bossy know-it-all.  Also I learned that Scooter at least offers an HSA. ~ Steve Swanson
  • Prairie Dawn, no contest. The Muppet Show, while lovable, is more than a bit chaotic and not even Scooter can rein it in. Prairie's pageants are controlled much better. ~ Prairie Chica (methinks she's biased in this answer!)
  • Scooter. It's a height bias decision but there you go. ~ Steve Wolterstorff
  • I’m afraid that Prairie Dawn would win hands down. Scooter fell into a go-fering position because he was desperate to work with the Muppets, and this was the position they needed. Prairie was BORN for organization and from the very dawn of her existence she has thrived on pageants and plays – even as a little girl. When Scooter was a little boy all he did was played on his geeky computer (Muppet Baby Lore Applied). ~ Beauregard
13.)     Suppose you were offered the opportunity to teach a class based on one subject from the vast world of Jim Henson's Muppets. Which subject would you choose?
  • I would teach "Friend Triangle: Zoe, Elmo, and Rocco." ~ Anonymous
  • I would teach “Ernie and Bert: The First Bromance”, and I would teach how the two really started what would become a huge success in later years, and how each famous bromance (such as Clooney and Pitt, Affleck and Damon etc) are influenced by Ernie and Bert. ~ Jarrod Fairclough
  • The implications of "Mahna Mahna" on the dancing and singing styles of a 3, 13, 23, and 53 year old. ~ Noelle H.
  • “The Muppet Movie: Buddy-Road Trip Comedy or Deconstruction of the American Dream?”
    “Adv. Fraggle Music: Style, Character and Story” ~ Sarah Labadini
  • The Ecology of Fraggle Rock – the show was written to bring peace and harmony to the world and also was quite earth conscious at the time and we could learn a lot from it.  So that would be my choice even though I’m not a scientist. ~ Beth Kondrick
  •  I actually have and the title was How Muppets Shaped Music. ~ Heather Powers
  • It would be a class for those suffering with eating disorders: “Your Dinner and You: How To Make Friends With Your (All Singing, All Dancing) Food.” ~ Beauregard

    14.)     What is your favorite show starring a singing pig?
  • Charlotte’s We...I mean, The Muppet Show. ~ Anonymous
  • "starring" is a subjective term. ~ Heather Powers
  • Don’t tell Piggy, but I always liked The Boogie Woogie Piggies... ~ Jarrod Fairclough
  • Geez, did she write these questions? ~ Kelly Masters
  • The Tony Clifton Show!  No seriously, it would have to be The Porky Pig Hour.  I love when he sings his big hit "I Loved You the Minute I Sow You". ~ Steve Swanson
  • Hmm, I can't think of any shows starring a singing pig.  My mind's gone blank.  Maybe I need to sing that old remembering song... ~ Sarah Bastin
  • Oh, “Maggie and the Ferocious Beast” of course! ~ Oscarfan
  • …Hannah Montana? Just kidding (about the favorite part, yuck!). ~ Sarah Labadini
  • Uncle Elmer's Porcine Parade. In color! ~ Steve Wolterstorff
  • The Drew Carey Show (my apologies for the fat joke…) ~ John Papovitch
  • Do you mean something Piggy has done? I believe the answer is "everything" unless you want to get karate-chopped! ~ MrsPepper
  • Did Annie-Sue sing?  ~ David
  • Are we excluding the Sow of Music? (Boo! BOO! Get off the stage, you bum!) ~ Beauregard

    15.)     Do you think the legislation allowing chickens to dance onstage should be passed?
  • DEFINITELY. Chickens deserve all the rights they can get, and their dancing abilities should be displayed onstage for the world to see. ~ Nick Tredo
  • Of course. Equal rights baby. ~ Noelle H.
  • I was under the assumption that it was already legal, as they do it quite often and haven’t been arrested yet. ~ Kelly Masters
  • Not in its current form.  I think if they put the "poultry option" back in then we're in good shape. ~ Steve Swanson
  • Absolutely. Chickens have been relegated to the corners of society for far too long. It’s bad enough people only think of them in regards to their tender, delicious meat or that they run around after their heads are cut off, but to limit their artistic expression is a cruel and unjust torture. It is not their fault they are not mammals, that they live in coops and peck at the ground for food. They have true beauty inside them, just waiting to be let out and it is undemocratic to let them lay eggs in the wings waiting to come out. Nobody puts Chickie in the corner. ~ Sarah Labadini
  • Of course! They have a lot of potential in the theater business! I hear that they also can rollerskate while singing The Sound of Music, too. ~ Caitlyn
  • Speaking on behalf of the Council for the Legislatorly Insane, I suggest No to the first, No to the second, and let’s all get hammered and have a knees-up. ~ Beauregard

    16.)     Argue your side of this issue: "The government should require all children to watch Sesame Street until age 7."
  • I believe all children up until 7 should be required to have a class at school called “Sesame Street” in which they watch the show, then discuss everything that happens, including why someone like Natalie Portman would be working in Hooper’s, or how hot Heidi Klum looked while she was talking about compliments. ~ Jarrod Fairclough
  • The government definitely should require children to watch Sesame Street.  How else would YOU have learned what to do with a cookie, and to monstrously eat plates of them all at once?? ~ Steve Swanson
  • I would actually argue that the government should require all people, regardless of age, to watch at least 20 hours of Sesame Street a year. Make the kids watch all of it, but edit together episodes for adults that takes out the counting to ten and alphabet games and just involves the social issues the show deals with. Because adults, just as much as children (and maybe even more so) need to remember to respect other people, their environment and all creatures on Earth. If we paired this with required Fraggle Rock viewings, the world would be a better, happier and more peaceful place. ~ Sarah Labadini
  • I agree and they should watch it past age 7 too! It's cute when you're young, but actually funny when you're older! ~ MrsPepper
  • “The government should require all children to watch Sesame Street until age 7...which, following the Bronze Age and the Stone Age, is apparently the hippest age to be.” (The Ice Age was the Coolest.) ~ Beauregard

    I'm now going to show you a series of words or phrases. I want you to tell me the first word or phrase that comes to your mind upon reading...

    ~ Drumsticks

  • ANIMAL!!!! ~ Nick Tredo
  • EAT DRUMS, EAT DRUMS! ~ Jarrod Fairclough
  • Chicken ~ Kelly Masters
  • FOOD! ~ Oscarfan
  • Camilla ~ Chris O'Connor
    ~ Onion
  • Glass ~ Steve Swanson
  • Soup mix ~ Prairie Chica
  • Never harmed one. ~ Sarah Labadini
  • Mokey. I don’t know why exactly. But its making me cry. Or...maybe that’s just the onion. ~ Beauregard
    ~ Bubbles
  • Raisins coming out my ears ~ Jarrod Fairclough
  • That crazy fish from Finding Nemo ~ Steve Swanson
  • "Rubber Duckie" ~ Prairie Chica

  • Bubbles come out of my head! ~ Sarah Labadini
    ~ Bunk-Beds
  • Gonzo (Imagine the stunts he could do off of one!) ~ Nick Tredo
  • Hmm, why didn’t Bert and Ernie ever invest in bunk beds?  They would’ve saved so much space that way in their tiny apartment bedroom! ~ Beth Kondrick
  • B-Words! Good old Doc, go build some more, for the Sesame Street Gang at Christmas. ~ Beauregard
  • B-Words! ~ Almost everyone else
    ~ Doorknob

  • Tooth ache ~ Anonymous
  • Don't call me that. ~ Jarrod Fairclough
  • Ouch my face ~ Noelle H.
  • Doorknob, Dr. Bob ~ Steve Swanson
    ~ Kermit's Swamp Years
  • Haven't seen it. ~ Noelle H. and Kelly Masters
  • Cute-ish? ~ Prairie Chica
  • Adequate movies ~ Oscarfan
  • misplaced childhood memories? ~ Caitlyn
  • GOGGLES = LOVE ~ MrsPepper
    ~ Wilkins Coffee
  • Muppet Murder. ~ Jarrod Fairclough
  • Don't you want some? ~ Steve Wolterstorff
  • I won’t drink it! *waits to see what will happen* ~ Beauregard
    ~ Here/Hear 
  • Fozziwig ~ Anonymous
  • There/Their ~ Steve Swanson and Heather Powers
  • Grover “Anywhere I am is here.  Anywhere I am not is there” ~ Beth Kondrick
  • Good grief, the comedian's a-bear! ~ Caitlyn and Steve Wolterstorff
  •  Statler vs Waldorf. “Hear hear!” “What what?” ~ Beauregard

    I'll now present you with a series of images, tell me what you see...

  • The Sesame Street Savior – who knows it ~ Jarrod Fairclough
  • Poster child for ADHD ~ Noelle H.
  • Red ~ Steve Swanson 
  • It was this big!! ~ Chris O'Connor
  • intro drug ~ Heather Powers
  • Sell Out ~ David
  • I see an evil, show-stealing monster. And then I see myself saying this out loud, and I realize that I am a cooperate, unfeeling monster myself and that Elmo is just a child, with a lot of love, and a lot of hugs, and a lot of tickles. He’s not evil at all. It’s just an attitude that has built up on me for years, and I struggle daily to be rid of it. ~ Beauregard

    Rizzo's Back

  • Rat! Oh, Rizzo...phew. Nice jacket. ~ Anonymous
  • The back of the jacket that I would kill to have! ~ Nick Tredo
  • Red ~ Steve Swanson
  • The perfect opportunity to glomp Rizzo from behind... ~ Caitlyn

    Dr. Teeth and Kermit "Hip-Hop" T-Shirt
  • A t-shirt I MUST have! ~ Jarrod Fairclough
  • I see punny ~ Prairie Chica
  • Blue ~ Steve Swanson 
  • Do wop do wop hop.  Don’t stop. ~ Beth Kondrick
  • Yuck. Modern culture mixed with the Muppe---OH! That’s funny! Hip...because Dr Teeth is hip, and Hop because the frog...Right...I get it now. (Maybe they could do another with Hip represented by Waldorf’s left leg replacement, and Animal’s Bunny?) ~ Beauregard

    Red Fraggle dressed in armor
  • Red singing an obnoxious song which annoys Mokey because she’s trying to write poetry. ~ Anonymous
  • Xena, Warrior Fraggle ~ Noelle H.
  • Red ~ Steve Swanson
  • Fraggle 300! ~ John Papovitch
  • No it wasnt, It was this big!! ~ Chris O'Connor
  • Fraggle movie! Fraggle movie! Fraggle--...Is this a picture from the Fraggle Movie? Please be a picture from the Fraggle Movie. I want a Fraggle Movie. GIVE ME A FRAGGLE MOVIE!!! ~ Beauregard
  • Honestly, I have no cute answers for the pictures. I see Elmo, Rizzo, Dr. Teeth and Kermit and Red. It is 1:40am, and I have no more wittiness left in me… ~ Sarah Labadini
A HUGE special thanks to everyone who took the time to submit their answers! It means a lot that you're dedicated enough to send these answers in! If you'd like for all of your answers to be seen, feel free to post them in The Muppet Mindset thread on Muppet Central Forum!

Thanks to everyone for reading! See you all tomorrow!

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