Weekly Muppet Wednesdays is where we at The Muppet Mindset and our contributors take an in-depth look at specific Muppet, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock characters and their place in the world. The series started with Floyd Pepper and continues still, over 100 characters later. Here is the full list of the Muppets we have spotlighted, presented in alphabetical order in four categories: The Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, and Other.

Click the images below to visit our Weekly Muppet Wednesdays Galleries for each Henson Universe!

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  1. This is a great site! I love how you have not only common characters that everyone knows and loves, but also rare characters that have only been seen once or twice!

    I've been a huge fan of Jim Henson's work since I was a child (even going as-so-far as learning the voice of Kermit). It has always been my dream to someday work alongside Jim's creations, helping create the magic that he once dreamed. Someday I'll find it, my own Rainbow Connection, because I never stop loving and dreaming!

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    I got the muppet show 3 season dvds. Wich is great. But the problem is I was born in 1981. I have no clue on who most guests are since they were done in what the 60s and 70s? Would yiu Please Please put the muppets tonight series on dvd!? I vrew up with all the stars during those years. My favorite being the Garth Brooks episode. Please release muppets tonight on dvd.
    Thank you for your time