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Jul 18, 2010

Muppets on Your iPhone: The Muppets - Animal Drummer

The Muppets - Animal Drummer
$1.99 on iTunes

"The Muppets - Animal Drummer" is the first (and currently only) application available for the iPhone and iPod Touch released from The Muppets Studio. And if it's any indication of what we can expect from future Muppet apps, I certainly hope they hurry up and release them.

"Animal Drummer" is an extremely fun application in which you portray Animal (go figure) as you play the drums and keep the beat through various melodies--sort of like the video game "Rock Band" without your obnoxious friend singing badly next to you. On the iPhone and iPod Touch, you use your fingers to play the same notes that Animal plays after he finishes playing a set. As you progress through the song, the sets get longer and you have more notes to remember.

While none of the songs available to play on the app are actual, well-known songs, they are very catchy and Animal seems to enjoy all of them. In fact, when you play enough note sequences well enough, you earn enough energy to go into "Animal Mode" where Animal does what he does best... beat drums with no one telling him how! In "Animal Mode" you can let your fingers go crazy by hammering on any of the five notes in any random order you wish. The more notes you hit, the more points you earn and the more wild Animal goes-thus, the more fun you're sure to have.

Playing the drums with Animal is extremely fun and watching him go nuts on with the drumsticks is, to borrow a word, epic. The first time I played it I was laughing and enjoying it so much that I forgot to hit the notes. My only small gripe about the game is that I wish there was more to do. More songs to beat would be more than welcome and cameos by Floyd or Dr. Teeth explaining how to play would have also been great, but it's perfectly fine the way it is.

If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, do yourself a favor and spend $1.99 to buy this fantastic application. Maybe if you do, Disney will get the picture and finally release more Muppet applications. They've already announced apps like "Gonzo Grams," "Pepe Love Meter," and "Statler and Waldorf Movie Critics" so now we're just playing the waiting game (like we seem to do quite often with The Muppets Studio).

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  1. My iPhone has Muppets on it.

    I scracthed them onto the back of it with a paperclip. They pretty.