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Aug 18, 2014

Yet Another Muppets Most Wanted Video Round-Up

Last week, we shared a bunch of videos of Kermit, Pepe, and the Muppets giving interviews to promote Muppets Most Wanted on Blu-ray. Incredibly, that's not even half of the videos out there to enjoy. There are tons more videos of Kermit and pals shilling for the Blu-ray gods! (We're having trouble embedding most of these videos, so we'll be sharing links instead!)
Kermit and Pepe talked to Entertainment Weekly about 35 years of Muppet movie magic. This video is nearly eight minutes long and really, really fun. Highly recommend watching this one. Unfortunately, we're having issues embedding the video, so please visit our friends at Nerdist.com to see the great video!

Kermit talks again with Take Part Live, dishing the dirt on his relationship with Miss Piggy.

An excellent interview with Kermit and a local Denver morning news show, wherein he remembers Robin Williams with some lovely words.

Kermit also talked to CineFix about his "Favorite Movie Everything"!
Kermit talks with Crave Online for nearly 5 minutes, does his patented Kermit arms, and generally entertains (as always).
In three awesome videos with MLB.com, Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo join someone named J.B. for something called "Express Written Content." Love, love Gonzo interviews. Plus, we also found video highlights of the Muppets' visit to Citi Field for the Broklyn Cyclones game!

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