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Dec 5, 2009

Sesame Street Saturdays: Tweets for the Ages

Do you have a Twitter account? Well, even if you are technologically lacking, you can still enjoy today's article. Today we're taking a look at Sesame Street's official Twitter account. Here, the various Sesame Street characters post updates "live and official from Hooper's Store!" It's just a fun way to get a good laugh from these tremendous characters on an almost-daily basis. Here are a few of the funniest tweets:

Elmo: Elmo is going to meet Bert at the park for some pigeon-watching. Bert says it will be an exciting afternoon. Elmo’s not so sure.

Grover:That round-headed blue customer came into Charlie’s restaurant again today. I do not know why he eats there. The service is terrible.

Big Bird: “Letter B” is my favorite Beetles song! (“Letter B, Letter B, Letter B, Letter B…Whisper words of wisdom, letter B”)
Abby Cadabby: Thinking of getting a cat. I want to name her Tabby. Tabby Cadabby.

Elmo: Elmo loves you! But then, you knew that, didn’t you?
Cookie Monster: Me don’t know about these tweets. Me no can eat dem, so me don’t understand what all da hub-bub is about!

Abby: The hardest part about Tweeting is I don’t know how to spell yet. Or type. Luckily I have a magic wand, so we’re in business!

GR: I love to Twitter. Or is it “Do the Twitter”? Do not worry, I know the correct terminology! “Tweetering!” Is that right??

Big Bird: Hey guys, did you notice anything funny today on Google?

And that's just a sampling of all the fun you could be having by following Big Bird, Elmo, and the gang on their official Twitter account. Even if you don't have a Twitter yourself, you can still check up on Grover's latest Tweets by going to http://twitter.com/sesamestreet. While you're there, you might as well check out The Muppets Studio and The Jim Henson Company as well!

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  1. OH! I had never seen these, am now following SS. These are my favourites:

    Abby Cadabby: My mommy is Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, so as you can imagine, she’s a real stickler for curfew

    Cookie Monster: Helpful hint: to remove cookie crumbs from fur, blow dryer work wonders. Extra bonus: fur come out so shiny and manageable!

    Elmo: Elmo was just singing the alphabet, and noticed his name is in it! A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K, ELMO, P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z!

    *giggles* They are all so in charcter, and hilarious.

    Beau{Brought to you by the confirmation word: uninte...Something that as Muppet fans, we should strive for.}regard