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Jul 22, 2012

(Kind of) Weekly Dinosaurs Quotes: Earl Sinclair

Casey Daron - The main protagonist in Dinosaurs is fat, clumsy, and hated by many, including his mother-in-law. Who is he? Earl Sinclair, of course! He works all day pushing down trees under his hateful boss, B.P. Richfield. He goes home, gets hit with a frying pan, eats a meaty dinner, and yells at his kids. And that's all in one day! Earl is a great guy, er, dinosaur, who adds just the perfect amount of stupidity to the show.

"Those Wesayso ads are lies."
"So what? It's temporarily being accepted by the masses, so it's the truth!"
~ Fran and Earl Sinclair, Dinosaurs: Episode 215

"School is not for asking questions, it's a place you go to be OUT OF THIS HOUSE!" 
~ Earl Sinclair, Dinosaurs: Episode 101

"Earl, what are you doing with that shovel?"
"Shovel? Um, Franny, life is like the tide. It goes in, it goes out. It washes out the old and washes in the new... I used it to bury your mother." 
~ Fran and Earl Sinclair, Dinosaurs: Episode 218

"I know they just crawled out of the sludge and I hate to be critical of other life forms, but God, I hate lawyers." 
~ Earl Sinclair, Dinosaurs: Episode 104

"I'm sorry I ruined your first Refrigerator Day. Go ahead, Junior. Bang my head real hard with this pot."
"That's gettin' old." 
~ Earl and Baby Sinclair, Dinosaurs: Episode 212

The kids are fine. If not, we can make more"
~ Earl Siclair, Dinosaurs: Episode 207

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  1. I never liked Earl very much due to his behavior problem. It makes no difference to me why he is the way that he is. I still resent him for it.