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Jul 8, 2012

(Kind of) Weekly Dinosaurs Quotes: Charlene Sinclair

Casey Daron - Hi, guys! Welcome to Week 3 of Dinoquotes. This week we will be exploring the mighty dinosaur, Charlene Sinclair. Charlene, like Robbie, is a typical teenager. She wants to stand out in school, and stick with the "popular" crowd. She goes to extreme lengths to be cool, even when buying a fake tail! From her famous "La, La" to her mighty growl, Charlene is an important part of the Sinclair family.

"I wanna go to school."
"So I can stay home."
"But you are home."
"Then I got my way."
~ Baby and Charlene Sinclair, Dinosaurs: Episode 215

"Dad, I can't go out there."
"Here's a tip for stage fright. Imagine the audience is in their underwear."
"Two thousand teenage boys in their underwear? See you on stage."
~ Charlene and Earl Sinclair, Dinosaurs: Episode 220

"Woah! Refrigerator day without presents is like... like two things that go together, only one of them isn't there, so the other one doesn't have the other thing to go with it!"
"Who says you aren't deep?"
~ Charlene and Robbie Sinclair, Dinosaurs: Episode 212

"I'm sorry about your friend, the lettuce?"
"He was no lettuce, he was a head of cabbage!"
~ Charlene and General Chow, Dinosaurs: Episode 207

"Mom, is it just me, or is Daddy in like a really BAD mood?"
"No, your father just gets cranky before howling."
"They all do, it's pre-howling syndrome. PHS."
"I'm so glad I'm a girl."
~ Charlene, Fran, and Grandma Ethyl, Dinosaurs: Episode 105

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