1 The Muppet Mindset: "All I Need is Love" Music Video Now Online!!

Nov 26, 2012

"All I Need is Love" Music Video Now Online!!

The incredible, awesome, way too cool for any more words music video for "All I Need is Love" starring The Muppets and CeeLo Green is NOW ONLINE!! Watch it, love it, then watch it again. Yes, it's that good.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com


  1. Scotter: 45 broken glasses. *walter runs by* w: oh my gosh! Guys! *holds up phone* look! Look! Santas my homie! *kermit comes over -kiss marks on his face-* oh! Walter cool! Hm P*from a distance*: kermie. Come here! *fozzie runs by* f: kermit! Help me! K: what? Why? F: gonzos following me with his stare! K: what? G*gonzo comes by with a freaky stare* *angry voice*: he openned my present with camilla in it! K: and? G: CAMILLA! MY PRESENT! *sad voice* I had a cannon.... *sam the eagle comes by* s: you are all a bunch of weirdos! *bean bunny runs by* *big mean carl comes by* bmc: come here bunny! *pepe comes in* p: hey, everybody, okay. Did you hear my rap? *looks over at walter* I had a rap, okay. It was so good, okay. *rizzo comes in* r: huh... something is wrong with dat. P: with what? R: that you haven't been got by the swedish chef. *s.c. in distance* s.c.: nooot yeetö hęhę. K: well everyone. Merry christmas! *robin the frog comes in* r: God bless us! God bless everyone! *I come in* and a happy new year!
    Now, who's going to clean up? *everyone runs away except statler and waldorf* s: what! W: no! *I. Pop my head in* would you rather listen to the bear talk about frost bite? S&w: cleaning!

    But seriously guys... wait me? Nevermind. I loved the music video! It was so good!
    So peace on earth! And have a groovy, sweet time! Play me out guys! *dr.teeth and the electric mayhem come in with instruments* *starts to play jingle bell rock*
    Hugs and giggles~Maria Gayle

  2. I am now in the Xmas mood. I not only wasn't before but I tend to get really down this time of year and I am feeling good about the holidays.

    Thank you Muppets, thank you Ceelo Green and thank you Muppet Mindset. Happy Holidays!

  3. I guess Walter is going to make regular Muppet appearances now.