1 The Muppet Mindset: The Great Muppet Sketch-a-Thon, Part 1

Feb 18, 2014

The Great Muppet Sketch-a-Thon, Part 1

Today we're really excited to showcase some more incredible artwork from our friend Kevin Arsenault. We've showed off Kevin's Muppet fan art in the past, but this time we're starting a series of posts with him! Over on his Tumblr page, Kevin is drawing Muppets daily as part of his Great Muppet Sketch-a-Thon. We'll be presenting his work in posts of ten, once a week. Enjoy!
 Day 1 - Walter
 Day 2 - Thog
 Day 3 - Bean Bunny
 Day 4 - Lew Zealand
 Day 5 - Scooter
 Day 6 - Uncle Deadly
 Day 7 - Janice
 Day 8 - Robin the Frog
 Day 9 - The Newsman
Day 10 - Bobo the Bear

We'll see you next time on The Great Muppet Sketch-a-Thon!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com 


  1. That is a mad awesome Bobo and Uncle Deadly!

  2. That is the best drawing of Bobo ever created. I love it!