1 The Muppet Mindset: New Muppet Badges and More with Walt Disney World on Facebook!

Jan 21, 2010

New Muppet Badges and More with Walt Disney World on Facebook!

Walt Disney World is obviously the happiest place on earth (unless of course you're a bakery that Cookie Monster has wandered into), but did you know they also have the happiest Facebook Profile on earth as well? Well... that might not be true, but, starting today, for Muppet fans it is pretty darn chipper.

Disney debuted a brand new "Give a Day" section to their Facebook profile. And who is the first Disney character you see on this brand-spanking-new page? Why, none other than Sam Eagle, of course (of course?)! Sam is the first of Disney's "Volunteer Spotlights," a selected volunteer who has an incredible story to tell about their volunteering experience. I don't know what makes Sam's story so heroic, but it does have a nice quote from him: "Painting the house red, white, and blue."

But that's not terribly exciting is it? Well, lucky for you there's more! The site also features some really cool "badges" that you can attach to your own Facebook profile or to your blog or other website (see Gonzo and chicken at right).

Did I mention these badges are completely free and look absolutely gorgeous? Because they are. And they do. Yet another reason for Muppet fans to be proud of the job Disney is doing with our favorite fuzzy friends. We're finally seeing some new, quality poser puppet pictures featuring more than just Kermit and Miss Piggy. It's truly a wonderful time to be a Muppet fan.

The Facebook profile also features all of the Muppet TV commercials in one convenient location (as if having them all on The Muppet Mindset wasn't convenient enough for you...). Yet another reason to check out this neat addition to the Muppet "Give a Day. Get a Disney Day." promotion timeline!

So have you volunteered yet? Do you have any interest in volunteering yet? If not, what the heck do these Muppets have to do to inspire you? They're working their non-existent rear ends off here!Give 'em a break, eh? After all... they've been volunteering since September!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier


  1. Wow they look really cool, may get the Sam the Eagle one!

  2. Yes, very neat.
    Ryan, please remember that there is a Muppet presence at Disneyland as well. Its not just limited to Disney World.
    And of course, all of the theme park commercial stuff was filmed at Disneyland.
    Sorry, its just that as a fan of Disneyland I have to mention that and support the place. :-)