1 The Muppet Mindset: Sesame Street Saturdays: Season 40 - Week 6

Jan 23, 2010

Sesame Street Saturdays: Season 40 - Week 6

Shane Keating -
Looks like two more episodes to summarize! Let’s-a go!


Big Bird goes rollerskating out in the street, when he crashes. Chris takes him to Dr. Berger for an examination for his hurt wing. While he’s gone, he leaves The Count in charge of Hooper’s. At the doctor’s, Dr. Berger gives him an x-ray that shows he has sprained his wing bone and will need a sling. Back on the street, Chris finds The Count has been so busy counting his customers; he hasn’t filled their orders, resulting a long line of angry monsters and people. Big Bird mopes, watching everyone doing things he can’t do with a sling and sings a blues song. Elmo and Zoe play with him and show him things he can do.

Hidden Gem: Talk about in-jokes; this episode was chock full of them! Sherlock Hemlock is seen inside Hooper’s as an angry customer (with a line even, provided by Jerry!), Jerry himself is seen in the line outside Hooper’s, speaking to Chris, and two more of Jerry's characters, Herry and Mr. Johnson, are seen right by him in line. Finally, Big Bird’s x-ray lists “C. Spinney” as the radiologist.

  • Matthew Fox and Elmo on what bones are. Matthew shows Elmo a “funny” bone, who tells a joke even I don’t get.
  • Murray and the kids rap about the letter X, but Murray stops the rap mid-way, realizing how few words start with X.
  • Cartoon Cookie Monster sings about the letter X.
  • Chandra Williamson sings “Reach Your Hand Up High” with some kids. (from season 31)
  • A cartoon song about bugs. (from season 39)
  • Zoe and the Feijoo Sisters dance the “Lamberena” (from season 39)



Maria helps Elmo write a story about the Planet G. In his story, he hits his golfball up to the Planet G. He rides his goldfish Dorothy to the planet, where a goose mistakes it for an egg. Zoe and friends give him another idea. He writes in a “Get Up and Go Dances” they do to get the goose to move. Oscar’s pet goat begins munching on his story until shoed away. Elmo adds the goat to his story, where it begins eating his golfball. Chris offers them some food, including some goulash, which Elmo puts in his story, trading the ball for a bowl of the meal. Elmo reads his story back to Chris and Maria.

Hidden Gem
: Elmo’s crayon box reads “The Classic Crayon Factory” and features an image from the “Crayon Factory” film.  Additionally, Maria’s newspaper features an image from the classic “I-Beam” film.

  • Abby and Kobe Bryant explain what “miniature is.
  • Cartoon Cookie sings about the letter G.
  • Abby’s Flying Fairy School: While making magic macaroni art, Blogg’s full-scale macaroni dinosaur is brought alive and starts messing up the classroom.
  • Rocco Fiorentino visits the street. Telly introduces him to Elmo by describing Elmo to him, since Rocco is blind. He then hatches his plan to meet everyone else, by singing “Everybody’s Song.”
Tune in next week for more rundowns, folks!

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  1. For Episode 4206 you missed another "hidden gem," if you will: Ex Ray (a character previously seen on that Scrubs episode with all the Sesame characters) appears at Hooper's Store as well, connecting perfectly with the x-ray storyline, and as adding just another X reference that only us die-hard fans would catch: http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Ex_Ray

    Oh, and what's Sherlock Hemlock's trademark song? Another X connection!!

    Plus, the Count (another Jerry character, of course) even runs Hooper's store in this episode. It's a Jerry fest!!!