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Mar 5, 2010

The Muppet Mindset Goes to Walt Disney World

Yes, just as the brand new graphic I made a month ago says... I'm going to Walt Disney World! Also known as the happiest place on earth. Also known as just plain awesome. But, unfortunately, also known as a week away from my computer and no time to sit down and come up with witty articles.

I know, I know... What will you do without a daily update from yours truly? Trust me, I know how much you, my ever-expressive readers, desire a daily update here on The Muppet Mindset. That's why I've chosen to participate in the "Rent-a-Blogger" program. Through the thoroughly selective process of weeding through thousands (er... one one thousandth) of entrants, I've chosen someone who I think will be a fine replacement for me.

Unfortunately, that person has converted to that wacky new chicken religion craze sweeping the nation and I had to let him go. I try not to discriminate, but I need a temporary replacement who won't lay an egg. (Yes, I did go through all that build up for one terrible pun.)

So instead of a highly capable replacement, I've hired the British Correspondent. You know, the guy who does all of those pieces about the villains in Muppet movies? The mysterious one. All I really know about him is that he's British, but he was my final hope. Rest assured though, loyal readers, I have provided the B.C. with articles for all next week, so all he has to do is post them and introduce them. How can he mess that up? Besides, there's always Lisa the Intern here to make sure he doesn't do anything too outlandish (or British).

Anyway... keep an eye on Twitter for some photographic updates from yours truly in the wild world of Disney! Take care, loyal readers, and have a phenomenal week. I'll be back on Saturday the 13th (if there is a blog to come back to). Don't miss me too much!

Sincerely and Insanely yours,
Ryan Dosier

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  1. Where did that perfect Piggy look go? Fantastic picture over her, Beau and Foo Foo.

    Great! Park M-updates from Mindset!

  2. Have a great trip! I look forward to the tweets.