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Aug 3, 2010

Tuesdays with... The British Correspondent?

Look for our review of Henson's Place on DVD from Lionsgate and The Jim Henson Company on Thursday this week. Neither of my Wal-Marts had it... so fingers crossed that I can find it soon!

Instead of a review... please welcome this! ...Whatever this is.

Muppet British Tuesdays (Because Mondays were taken)

The British Correspondent - Set that double-vendi-semi-skinny-mocha-choca-latte aside and break out your tea-pots and chinaware, people, for here is a message from that debonair British chap. This week I have had more Muppet encounters than you can shake a stick at (and more sticky encounters than you can shake a Muppet at, but let's not go into those...) so I thought I'd share them. After all, it wasn't all that long ago that seeing a Muppet in Britian was as rare and unlikely as seeing sun for more than one day in a row over here.

Anyway, the first was sighted whilst visiting Ryman (which is a stationers and altogether different to Ryan who runs the blog) in order to purchase a pink fluffy pen for a friend who is starting Law School next week (What? I hear "Law School" I think "Bend and Snap"), when I turned around and my heart near stopped. No, it wasn't Reese Witherspoon, but the next best thing! An 'Animal' pencil-case! Such fun! Now you can keep all your pencils, pens and get-out-of-school-free-notes-from-mother in a handy Muppet design pencil case! Obviously I snatched one up...and then put it down again when I remembered a certain letter from the bank that arrived that morning...but that's a whole other story.

The next encounter was with a Muppet fan (which is slightly different from a fan with a Muppet design on it, although we should totally pitch that to Ryman next time we get two days of sun in a row here). This encounter was in a video-rental store where I was preparing to rent a copy of Legally Blonde. Now, on another shelf far from the pink legal movies were some horror movies, including one featured prominently entitled "Cabin Fever"...Having resisted the temptation to break out into song myself, I was obviously surprised and shocked when someone else walked into the shop, paused, and then sang "Cabiiiin Feeever!". I was about to turn around to inform them they got the tune wrong...but I resisted.

Today I was visiting a Charity Shop (the British equivalent of a thrift store) where I saw on a shelf of kid's movies that someone had purposely placed A Muppet Family Christmas in front of all the other movies in the exact kind of way that I would have done had I seen it first, suggesting that somewhere in my sleepy town there are Muppet fans sneaking around moving Muppet connected movies to prominent places.

I was still musing over these rather unexpected Muppet encounters when I almost physically walked into a woman wearing a Cookie Monster t-shirt!

Which was about the time that I decided such a series of Muppet events should be well documented...stay tuned as my hunt for the local Muppet fan continues.


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