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Aug 30, 2010

Muppet Comic Mondays: Muppet Snow White #4

Muppet Snow White #4
Written by Jesse Blaze Snider with Patrick Storck
Illustrated by Shelli Paroline

James Gannon - When we last left Muppet Snow White, after two failed attempts to become the Fairest in a five-mile-radius, Miss Piggy gladly leaps onto the prospect of the poisoned apple. This gambit backfires, as Spamella purposely tries to eat it, knowing the story well enough that it would get her the Prince. Considering that Kermit was cast in that role, Piggy wasn’t going to take it lightly. And, as Rizzo convinces them to end the story the Disney way (with a kiss instead of an accidental Heimlich), Piggy seizes the Prince and takes her back to her Castle base.  All the while, Gonzo and Rizzo are stymied for narration as even they can’t tell what happens next.  And the weirdest is yet to come.

This issue opens up with Pepe taking advantage of the situation, working a kissing booth at a buck a try. It seems that he knows all too well that none of them will really wake her up, but he makes a tidy profit in the process.  Let’s just say that some rare Muppets Tonight, and The Muppet Show characters and a character that may or may not be from Futurama are eagerly waiting. Rizzo convinces him to get out of it, but not before Pepe convinces Rizzo to get in on it. Meanwhile, the seven dwarves, and several other characters they met on the way that you probably forgot were there the whole time, stand outside the castle door as Piggy tries to forcibly marry Kermit. Of course, for her to be married, she needs to be divorced to the unseen king, who wasn’t even cast yet. There’s even a possible reference to The Muppets Take Manhattan when the wedding starts, Kermit asking about the legitimacy of the priest. Not wanting any distractions to FINALLY get the frog into her life, Piggy sicks Big Mean Carl the Dwarf Eater and his band of Muppet monsters on everyone that stands in her way. And…uh… the situation deteriorates from there.

Now, this issue is a very fast read due to a LOT of large splash action panels, and it almost seems like they were pressed for an ending. One of the covers was even swapped out due to a complete change of plot, which makes you wonder if there was another ending planned that was either too long, or not as funny and crazy as the one they had here (the latter is what I choose to believe). Let’s just say, there was a dragon on that cover, and there ain’t no dragon in this issue. Plus, there was a dragon battle last series, it would have been a little redundant. It is indeed abrupt, but so totally zany, I don’t think you’d really mind. Besides, what more could really happen at that point? The Disney version had the Dwarfs chase the Queen to a dangerous series of cliffs (leading to the long tradition of Disney villains falling to their deaths clean and off screen).

This has definitely been my favorite of the Muppet Classics so far. As I’ve said in the previous three reviews, it’s like what would have happened if The Muppet Christmas Carol was off the wall zany as the Muppets were intended, and free from having to play second or third to celebrity human stars. It’s a wackier and funnier foray into Snow White than the Muppet Babies version, with Piggy’s Wicked Queen being far more maniacal. The worst part is, it’s very much in Piggy’s character, a very deep glimpse into her darkness.
The writing (odd ending included) is nothing short of Muppet mania at its finest, and Shelli Paroline’s artwork has come quite a way since her Pigs in Space one shot. Like most artists, I hope they keep her around for another Muppet Classics series or when Roger goes on artistic break in the main comic series. And Pepe hasn’t been done better than in this series. His appearances in Robin Hood and Peter Pan seemed lacking, and King Arthur got him right, but he wasn’t used all that much. He’s been portrayed as a greedy, conniving businessman. Was he even ACTING while he was a greedy, conniving businessman? Uh... lessee… Gonzo and Rizzo are at their Christmas Carol best as the narrators… uh… seems Kermit has a smaller role in this series, letting the other characters shine… uh… that’s about it. Great series, check it out. At least buy the graphic novel version. Though, I highly recommend not even waiting for it to hit graphic novel.

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  1. You might see it as the funniest Muppet comic. I see it as a comic written by somebody who absolutely hates Miss Piggy. As a fan of that character, I think this series sucked. And by the way, how come Spamela is seen as this ravishing beauty and Miss Piggy is seen as fat and ugly but they're drawn EXACTLY ALIKE??