1 The Muppet Mindset: News Update: August 20, 2010

Aug 20, 2010

News Update: August 20, 2010

NEWS UPDATE: August 20, 2010

BOOM! Studios confirmed yesterday that the latest series in the Muppet Classics line of comic books, Muppet Sherlock Holmes, will be released on September 15th. Muppet Sherlock Holmes is being written by Patrick Storck (Muppet Snow White, Muppet King Arthur) and illustrated by friend of the blog Amy Mebberson (Muppet Peter Pan, Family Reunion). With folks like that working on this book, it's bound to be epic! Don't believe me? Then check out Newsarama's preview pages and interview with Patrick Storck and see for yourself!

There are also rumors circulating that The Muppet Show Comic Book #9 and Muppet Snow White #4 will be released next Wednesday, August 25th. If these rumors are indeed true, look for our good friends at ToughPigs to have a five-page preview of both issues before Wednesday!

Speaking of those burly swine, remember a few weeks ago when ToughPigs and The MuppetCast hosted a Muppet fan meet-up event, The Muppet Vault? Well, as it turns out, ToughPigs' own Ryan and Joe have turned The Muppet Vault into a monthly event. That's right, every month in NYC, there will be a new opportunity for Muppet fans to view Muppet rarities on screen! This month's event, The Muppet Vault: Fairy Tales, is being held on September 12 at 2:00pm, once again at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY and only costs $5.00. Be sure to check out ToughPigs' official post for more info and visit the official Muppet Vault Facebook page for even more fun!

In Muppet Mindset news, remember that the last day to submit birthday wishes for The Muppet Mindset's one year anniversary is on Tuesday, August 24th. If you want to join us in celebrating our one year anniversary, submit answers to these three questions (or one, or two)...

What was your favorite memory of The Muppet Mindset's first year?

What would you like to see from The Muppet Mindset in its second year?

What is your birthday wish for The Muppet Mindset?

...to Ryan Dosier at ryguy102390@gmail.com. Your answers will be posted right here on The Muppet Mindset on Wednesday, August 25th to add to our celebration of one whole year of talking about doll wiggling! We really hope for your contribution--because without you, the fans, we would be nowhere, so it only seems right that you celebrate with us!

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