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Sep 5, 2010

Sesame Street Old School Vol. 2 CD Set Coming in October!

Yesterday our good friends at ToughPigs.com and Muppet Wiki reported that Sesame Street: Old School, Vol. 2 3-CD Set (a follow-up to the set released earlier this year) will be coming on October 26th! The three albums included in Volume 2 include Grover Sings the Blues, The Count Counts, and The Year of Roosevelt Franklin! These are all very awesome albums and their inclusion is also, as they say, awesome. The track listing is as follows...

Grover Sings the Blues 
  1. What Do I Do When I'm Alone?
  2. Name the Animal
  3. Grover Takes a Walk
  4. Has Anybody Seen My Dog?
  5. Four Furry Friends
  6. Still, We Like Each Other
  7. I am Blue
  8. Two "G"Sounds
  9. I Stand Up Straight and Tall
  10. The Question Song
  11. Over, Under, Around, and Through
  12. Just Because
  13. Near and Far
The Count Counts
  1. Introduction
  2. Ladybug's Picnic
  3. Counting is Wonderful
  4. It's a Lovely Eleven Morning
  5. The "15" Commercial
  6. Ten Turtles
  7. The Count's Weather Report
  8. Martian Beauty
  9. Numerical Correspondence (Sing a Song of Numbers)
  10. Candy Man
  11. It's Been a Long, Long Time
  12. Alligator King
  13. Count it Higher
  14. Counting is Wonderful (reprise)
  15. Country Six (The Snail Song)
  16. Number in the News
  17. 1-2-3-4-5!
  18. Beep
  19. Four Big Lions
  20. I Just Adore "4" (from the musical "Two Plus Two")
  21. The "3" Song
  22. Subtraction Blues
  23. Doll House
  24. The Song of The Count
The Year of Roosevelt Franklin
  1. Roosevelt Franklin Counts
  2. Days of the Week
  3. Mobity Mosely's Months
  4. Keep On Trying
  5. The Safety Boy Blues
  6. Just Because
  7. The Skin I'm In
  8. A Bear Eats Food
  9. Halfies
  10. Me And You
  11. Old King Midas
  12. Roosevelt Franklin's Alphabet
Keep your eyes peeled for this hugely exciting release from Sesame Workshop!

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