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Nov 21, 2010

Almost Daily Fraggle Rock Quotations: Week Eight

Hey folks! Lisa the Intern here with another week's worth of Fraggle Rock Quotations, now in color for a limited time only! ...Colored chalk, that is.

The Wizard of Fraggle Rock: "Nothing up my sleeves..." "...Well, uh--your arms." --The Wizard and Wembley Fraggle

The Doozer Contest: "AND YOUR DOG SINGS UPSIDE-DOWN!" --Modem Doozer 

Red's Club: "Do you think germs could relate to being a purpose?" "You'd rather they were members?" --Mokey and Boober Fraggle

Ta-da! ...What? I told you it was for a limited time only. Alright, so truth be told, I'm back at home and therefore away from the chalkboard. But never fear! We'll have a FULL week's worth of quotations next week. I have a lovely dry-erase board here just waiting for me to buy a dry-erase marker that hasn't dried up. That tends to be useful when you're trying to write.

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