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Mar 29, 2013

Muppet Madness Tournament 2013 - Round 2

Can you believe that Round 1 of The 2013 Muppet Madness Tournament is already over? Well it is, baby, so get used to it! (Sorry, I've been watching a lot of action movies lately.) Anyway! Round 2 is in full swing so as per our annual tradition we're taking a look at the match-ups and making our picks for the victors in each competition.


ROWLF vs. BEAKER - If you had asked me about this match-up before I looked at the current poll results, I would've said Beaker had this locked down. But boy oh boy is Rowlf proving the dog can dominate. Rowlf has a steady, impressive lead over Beaker currently and it looks like he could hold it through to the end. Poor Beaker might be in pain some more!

SWEETUMS vs. ANIMAL - Unfortunately, I don't think poor Sweetums stands too much of a chance against a powerhouse like Animal. Granted, the race is currently very close, but I think Animal will drum up enough support to win the race competently.


COOKIE MONSTER vs. GROVER - Wow! This is definitely bound to be the closest race in this Round, if not in the entire Tournament this year. I imagine Cookie Monster is taking most of the general public votes with Grover winning with most Muppet fans. It's hard to say, because both of these monsters are hugely popular and hugely beloved. I'm predicting a Grover victory, but I really don't know what to expect with this one.

COUNT VON COUNT vs. SNUFFY - I think this is one, one more victory you can count for the Count. Snuffy may have somehow toppled Big Bird, but I don't think he can compete with the wave of renewed love for the Count. Snuffy's only win in this round will be imaginary.


SPROCKET vs. BOOBER - Woof. This is a hard one to predict. I'm thinking Sprocket will win over poor Boober here. Pantomiming dogs seem to draw more support than perpetually negative, laundry-loving Fraggles. Maybe Boober could pull out an upset... but it would be a surprising upset, and we all know how Boober feels about surprises.

WEMBLEY vs. GOBO - There's no wembling necessary here: Wembley's got this one locked. If he and Sprocket both win, it will make for a very interesting Round 3 pitting two of Steve Whitmire's greatest characters against each other.


BABY SINCLAR vs. BEAR - I think that Bear is about to make Baby Sinclair extinct. The furry, lovable big Bear has a steady, impressive lead over Baby. I guess you don't gotta love him. This quadrant is proving to be very competitive and very interesting. It will be really intriguing to see how it all plays out come Round 3.

SIR DIDYMUS vs. FIZZGIG - I have no idea how to call this race. I'm thinking Didymus will leash Fizzgig once and for all, but the ravenous little ball of fur could come out on top. It will come down to people voting between Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal and I think Labyrinth will win every time.

And that's Round 2! A lot of really exciting races here. Head on over to www.muppetmadness.com to cast your vote now for all of your favorites!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

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