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Jan 6, 2011

News Update: January 6, 2010

Some of the news in today's update was gathered for us by Brian Knatchbull.

British news site The Fan Carpet has a fun article with Emily Blunt discussing an on-set romance she has engaged in on the set of The Muppets. It seems that everyone's favorite furry, fuzzy, funny man Fozzie Bear has finally met the girl of his dreams! Yes, Emily Blunt has fallen for Fozzie: "I have totally fallen in love with Fozzie Bear, Fozzie is just so adorable and funny of course. We had so much fun making the movie. I also loved Ralph the dog and just about all the Muppets but Fozzie is my favourite guy. I miss him." So... there ya go! The Fan Carpet obviously can't spell "Rowlf" but Emily Blunt still loves Fozzie! If I were John Krasinski... I'd be a little jealous of our friend the bear.

Two online movie sites, 411mania and SheKnows, have listed The Muppets as one of the movies they're most excited for in 2011. 411mania.com still refers to the movie as The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made, so obviously they're still just as confused as the rest of us. However, one thing both sites are confident about, is that the movie will be great--they've convinced me!

The cameo count for The Muppets keeps increasing! Comedian Eddie Pepitone (who?) confirmed that he will be appearing briefly in the film as a mailman and Danny Trejo has confirmed that he'll be in the movie as well (his role still remains up in the air). Our good friends over at ToughPigs have more information on both Pepitone's and Trejo's appearances. Yes... Machete meets The Muppets. What could possibly go wrong? (It'll probably go oh-so right.)

The Associated Press has a wonderful interview with Elmo about the upcoming Kevin Clash documentary, Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey which premieres at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah from January 20 through 30. In the interview, Elmo discusses his travels, celebrities, and laughing.

Finally, the fine people over at Steiff have put their new Fozzie Bear doll up for pre-order. Order now, and the price is only $279.99. Yeah... wow. For that price, he'd better tell me the greatest jokes of all time and come with the mohair fur and hand-knit tie and hat.

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