1 The Muppet Mindset: Grover, Telly Monster on FOX News

Jun 3, 2012

Grover, Telly Monster on FOX News

Earlier this week, two of my favorite Muppets appeared on one of my least favorite channels. Grover and Telly Monster appeared on FOX News' Fox and Friends morning show. FOX News and the Muppets have an awkward history together, with their pundits proclaiming the Muppets as communist, flipping out over some innocent Sesame Street segments, and other such things. Anyway... Grover and Telly appeared on the morning show to talk about Sesame Workshop's new USO tour. The reporter interviewing them is fairly inept and they play "The Muppet Show Theme" at the end of the segment... but Grover and Telly handle it well. Enjoy.

Videos retrieved by our good friends at ToughPigs.com

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  1. Muppets appear on FoxNews. So do Grover and Telly. Ba-dum-bum, CHING!