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Sep 16, 2012

(Kind of) Weekly Muppet Quotes Spotlight: Jerry Nelson

Casey Daron - As every Muppet fan knows, legendary Muppeteer Jerry Nelson has passed away a few weeks ago. It really hit me hard, because he was one of the few Muppeteers I actually wanted to meet in person. I sent him a letter a week before he passed, telling him about my fandom, and how he was such a great guy. I don't think he received it. Jerry was a great man. He will never be forgotten. Mr. Nelson will always be inside our hearts. In honor of him, I have collected a set of quotes from his most memorable characters. Thank you, Mr. Nelson, for the enjoyment you brought into our lives.

"Leave me some magic, don't take the magic away."
~ Robin the Frog, The Muppet Show: Episode 421

"He may be gone, but maybe he's still here, too, inside us, believing in us!"
~ Robin the Frog, The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson

"One friend from Sesame Street, plus one friend from Sesame Street, equals two friends from Sesame Street! Ah ah ah!"
~ Count von Count, The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years

"Greetings. I am the Count. I am called the Count, because I love to count things!"
~ Count von Count, Sesame Street Season 4

"She don't look bad... for a pig."
~ Floyd Pepper, A Muppet Family Christmas

"I'm glad we got no money. Now I got no appetite!"
~ Floyd Pepper, The Muppets Take Manhattan

"Gobo's the name, adventure's the game!"
~ Gobo Fraggle, Fraggle Rock: Episode 210

"Catch the tail by the tiger, take the horns by the bull. A bird in need is a friend indeed, so pull the eyes over the wool"
~ Gobo Fraggle, Fraggle Rock: Episode 111

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