1 The Muppet Mindset: News Update: October 6, 2012

Oct 6, 2012

News Update: October 6, 2012

NEWS UPDATE: October 6, 2012

Our friend Elmo continued to make the talk show round this week to promote "Elmo: The Musical" on Sesame Street Season 43. He stopped by Today on NBC on Tuesday to hang out with Al Roker and friends and just be hysterically goofy. Check out the video below and witness Elmo cracking everyone up with his Gangnam Style dancing, ravenous cookie eating, and eye makeup.

In other Sesame Street Season 43 news, one of Sesame's fantastic spoofs from this season made the rounds on entertainment websites this week. "Birdwalk Empire," a parody of the Emmy-nominated Boardwalk Empire, is that video and you can watch it below! It really does live up to the hype, because it's hilarious... and features Frank Oz as a random chicken. How can you NOT watch it?

As we mentioned last week, the Muppets will be appearing on Cee Lo Green's new Christmas album, CeeLo's Magic Moment, available on October 30th. The Muppets will appear on the track "All I Need is Love" and you can preview a minute and a half of the track right this very minute on iTunes! Based on the preview, this song is pretty fantastic. It's a lot of fun, uses some classic "Mahna Mahna" background tracks, and the Muppets sound great. We get to hear Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, and Miss Piggy in the preview, but I have a feeling we'll hear a lot more of them once we can hear the whole song!

Last week we also posted the entirety of the Muppets at the "Just For Laughs" Comedy Gala. Unfortunately, the full video has been taken down, presumably for good. But thankfully, our good friends at Muppet Musings have recovered one of my favorite parts of the show: The Muppets Salute Canada, led by Sam Eagle and a whole bunch of hilariously false facts. Enjoy the video!

Finally, as you've probably heard, in the first Presidential Debate on Wednesday night, Republican nominee Mitt Romney said these exact words, "I'm gonna stop the subsidy to PBS. I like PBS. I love Big Bird." This one comment led to a firestorm of support for Big Bird, a wave of anger at Mitt Romney, and generated thousands and thousands of tweets. For the best, full coverage of this incident, I dictate to our good friends at ToughPigs.com, who have rounded up everything you need to know about this thing. Personally, I'm glad Big Bird is getting exposure... but now he and Sesame Street are being used as obnoxious political jabs by both parties, which is frustrating. Mostly, like Sesame Workshop, I'm just glad everyone can agree that we all love Big Bird regardless of party. I will always stand on the side that supports Big Bird and Sesame Street, because Big Bird and Sesame Street have supported the children of America and the world for 43 years.
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