1 The Muppet Mindset: Underwhelming International Poster for Muppets Most Wanted

Jan 23, 2014

Underwhelming International Poster for Muppets Most Wanted

Yesterday UK entertainment site SFX revealed a new poster for Muppets Most Wanted that will be used to promote the film in non-US territories. Yes, it's almost the same poster as the previous UK poster, and not nearly as good looking, but it's new, therefore newsworthy!  
But why are Statler and Waldorf there? I haven't seen them at all in the advertising for the movie yet. Fozzie is WAY too small and not at all to scale. The Bunsen and Beaker and Statler and Waldorf poser photos are from long before Disney owned the Muppets. Why not take new pictures of the puppets? It really makes no sense to me. And the plain white background is an odd choice... But hey, it's still better than the US poster.

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  1. Is there something stuck on the poster or has kermit's reflection got something stuck on his face like a spot there?? We don't understand this.

  2. Have you heard ANYTHING about this new movie at ALL? That's Constantine, Kermit's evil counterpart.