1 The Muppet Mindset: (Kind of) Weekly Muppet Quotes, Week 1

Feb 13, 2011

(Kind of) Weekly Muppet Quotes, Week 1

Casey Daron - Hi, and welcome to the first edition of Muppet Quotes. My name is Casey Daron, and this is my first real post. You may have seen me before for my collection, or my Muppet Fan Testimonial. I will be presenting quotes from The Muppet Show, the Muppet movies, and other Muppet projects. Today I have four inspiring quotes:

"It’s not easy bein’ green." - Kermit the Frog, The Muppet Show, Episode 119

"I guess I was wrong when I said I never promised anyone. I promised me." – Kermit the Frog, The Muppet Movie

"Life’s like a movie, write your own ending." –The Muppets, The Muppet Movie

"Now I don’t have a house of stone, but I can sea the see. Now most of all I guess that I am happy to be me." – Gonzo, The Muppet Show, Episode 209

Thank you for joining us for Muppet Quotes!

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  1. Hi Casey! First let me say that I was very surprised when Ryan told me my Fraggle Rock Quotations had a fan. And second, let me say that I'm very pleased we'll have quotations from another branch of the Muppet family now, too! There certainly are plenty of good ones. Nice start!

    --The Intern

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I do like seeing the new Fraggle quotes each week! It has been fun posting these quotes so far!

  3. Hi Casey. My high school yearbook quote was "it's not easy being green". Thanks for picking a great one!!! Mrs. Ducharme

  4. There were Muppets at the Grammy's last night singing with Cee-lo and Gwyneth Paltrow