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Feb 24, 2011

Oscar Grouches Up the Oscars

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, February 27th, and I for one am very, very excited (even though Toy Story 3 probably won't win Best Picture). And while I'd love to dedicate this post to filling out all of my predictions for the Oscar winners, you probably just wouldn't care--however, if I were to tell you that Oscar the Grouch has made his predictions for the Oscar winners, you'd obviously just eat it up.

Well then, Muppet fans... slap on your bibs and dine on this wonderful video of Oscar the Grouch and his 2011 Oscar predictions via AOL's "You've Got..." series!

Did ya see it? Good! Now SCRAM!

Image courtesy of BleedingCool.com, available on a t-shirt as well.

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  1. Is Oscar winning an awowrd then this year? Wow Sesame is always winning awards thats great. Oscar is my favorite grouch except for that girl one becauuse I am also a femanist.