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Jun 12, 2011

(Kind of) Weekly Muppet Quotes - Week 7

Casey Daron - What is your favorite part of The Muppet Show? The theme song? Statler and Waldorf? The music? My favorite part happens to be the sketches such as "Pigs in Space" and "Bear on Patrol." So, this week, as you can guess, I compiled quotes from those various sketches. I hope you like them! It’s time to get things started on the (Almost) Weekly Muppet Quotes tonight!

"Think of the safety. Think of the sense of well-being. And, at last, your family can be protected from the heartbreak of gorilla invasion."
- Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Muppet Labs, The Muppet Show, Episode 116

"Tune in two weeks from now and miss next week's episode of Piiiiiiigs in Spaaaaaace!"
- The Announcer, Pigs in Space, The Muppet Show

"Here is a Muppet News Flash! There is no news tonight."
– Muppet Newsman, Muppet News Flash, The Muppet Show, Episode 105

"My brother has ghosts in his attic."

"Sounds scary!"

"Yeah, he’s on the top ten most haunted list!"
– Talking Houses, The Muppet Show, Episode 107

"Hello sports fans! This is Louis Kazagger, welcoming you to the wild world of Muppet Sports! Today finds us at the National Wig Racing Championships! ...Wig Racing? Uh-huh..."
– Louis Kazagger, Muppet Sports, The Muppet Show, Episode 310

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