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May 26, 2012

WeLoveFine Loves The Muppets!

We here at The Muppet Mindset don't normally do shameless plugs (unless we're shamelessly plugging ourselves), but anytime there's an awesome Muppet thing that needs showcasing, we're happy to plug away! Our friends at WeLoveFine T-Shirts are selling a wonderful variety of Muppets and Sesame Street themed t-shirts that I really adore (and a few of which I own), quite a few of them are the winners of the recent Muppet T-shirt design contest they held. Each t-shirt sells for only $25, and boy are they worth it. Here are just some of the great shirts available now at WeLoveFine.com...

How awesome are these? I have to own that Calvin and Hobbes esque Bert and Ernie bathtub shirt. Like... now. Excuse me while I go buy that...

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