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Aug 7, 2012

(Kind of) Weekly DINOSAURS Quotes: B.P. Richfield

Casey Daron - So, as most of you guys know, Sherman Hemsley passed away on July 24, at the age of 74. Most know him as George from The Jeffersons, but of course we know him as the tyrannical B.P. Richfield. Please join me in celebrating his life, and his funny quotes from Dinosaurs. B.P. Richfield is Earl Sinclair’s boss and worst enemy. He hates his lazy workers, and cares only about himself. In one episode, he eats the last two grapdalites, claiming he will protect them. As you can see, he is not a dino to mess with!

"Well, if it isn’t the Sinclairs. What a delightful family you have, Earl."
"Oh, well, let me introduce them..."
"Not Interested! SIT DOWN!"
~ B.P. Richfield and Earl Sinclair, Dinosaurs: Episode 215

"The Wesayso company reminds you that we are not liable for loss of limb, loss of eye, or dismemberment of any kind due to you running around holding your kids' feet in the air like a bunch of morons."
~ B.P. Richfield, Dinosaurs: Episode 224

"The next one of you to say something asinine has to run against me."
"How asinine does it have to be, my captain?"
“Congratulations, Sinclair, you're nominated."
~ B.P. Richfield and Earl Sinclair, Dinosaurs: Episode 221

"SINCLAIR! I ought to kill you and your whole family, but I'd probably get in trouble with the union. As it is, there's only one thing I can do to you: you're fired, Sinclair, fired, fired, FIRED!"
~ B.P. Richfield, Dinosaurs: Episode 217

"I oughta tear off your head and play hacky sack!"
~ B.P. Richfield, Dinosaurs: Episode 302

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