1 The Muppet Mindset: Almost Daily Fraggle Rock Quotations: Week 11

Dec 12, 2010

Almost Daily Fraggle Rock Quotations: Week 11

Hey folks! Lisa the Intern here with yet another week of Fraggle Rock Quotations. You know, I always try to think of something funny and/or interesting to put here... but there are only so many ways to introduce a week's worth of quotations.

The Invasion of the Toe-Ticklers: "Those Gorgs may be large, but they sure don't see the big picture." --Mokey Fraggle


The Red-Handed and Invisible Thief: "Can't you see I'm a rock?" "I KNEW something was different!" --Gobo and Wembley Fraggle

Boober and the Glob: "Count me out! Color me small 'cause fun's no fun at all!" --Boober Fraggle

The Grapes of Generosity: "A friend never bends or pretends when a friend is in need!" --Wembley Fraggle

And there we have it. So... How obvious is it that these are from the week before finals and I've been locked in my apartment writing papers?


  1. I do love reading these and I hope you don't mind me sharing out one or two from your list with my Twitter friends, who also get a kick out of the Fraggle insights.

  2. Hello Lisa, I cannot remember if we have ever spoken before but I wanted to say that your qutoes are alwiys inspirational to me becuase somtimes I feel like the things that you quote in the week and I love feeling that others feel too. They are always nice quotes to read. Where are they from though?

    ~ Sparkle