1 The Muppet Mindset: Live, From New York, it's COOKIE MONSTER!

Dec 19, 2010

Live, From New York, it's COOKIE MONSTER!

Greetings, Muppet fans! What did you do last night? Me? I had a Christmas party... which turned out to be a bad thing, because Cookie Monster spent his Saturday night caroling with Jeff Bridges! Yes, that's right, Jeff Bridges, who hosted Saturday Night Live last night, brought out Cookie Monster during his monologue to sing "Silver Bells" with him. It was a wonderful, amazing clip which you can now see below!

Hey, if that ain't enough to get Cookie back to host the show, I don't know what is! As Jeff Bridges would likely say, man, those silver bells ring-aling so good!

Speaking of bells... remember last year when we posted about all Muppet fans ringing bells on December the 21st? If not, read more in last year's post here. But, we'll be ringing those bells once again this year, Muppet fans! Yes, on Tuesday, December 21st at 9:00pm, yours truly, Lisa the Intern, the British Correspondent, and, believe it or not, Jerry Nelson will all be ringing a bell for this magical time of year. Please join us in creating the Muppety spirit by ringing your own bell at 9:00pm on Tuesday. I promise you it'll be the feel-good moment of your year!

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